Weird But True


Sisters Give Birth to Babies in Same Hospital On Same Day

Credit: Corbis Sarah Mattson, 25, wasn't supposed to deliver her baby the same day she watched her big sister give birth to her own chi...Sister witnesses her nephew's birth, then delivers her own baby hours later.

Medicine Turns to the Magical World of Harry Potter

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage
Harry Potter, as readers of his adventures know, is prone to headaches.
Concerned, researcher...
Medical experts frame their discussions with a little magic from Hogwarts.

Accused Molester Given Access to Child Pornography in Case Against Him

Accused child molester Weldon Marc Gilbert of Washington state is acting as his own defense counsel, so he gets to personally review the evidence a...Loophole gives defendent chance to review porn as evidence.

Father Saves Baby Using CPR Learned From Watching TV

Watching television can be beneficial -- and can save a life. Credit: Getty Images A New Jersey couple learned a horrifying lesson on t...New Jersey man urges parents to learn CPR after his baby's brush with death.

Water Balloons Gets Seniors Banned from Graduation

Something these students won't be wearing. Credit: Corbis
Adults can be soooo touchy.
You splatter the school principal, assistant p...
In turns out school administrators don't like getting soaked by water balloons.

Study Says 1 in 13 US Children Have Food Allergy

1 in 13 children in the U.S. have a food allergy. Credit: Getty Images CHICAGO (AP) - Food allergies affect about one in 13 U.S. childr...Peanuts and milk were the most common sources.

Bringing Novelty Gum to School Could Get Student Expelled

Aieee! Everyone panic! He ... has ... novelty gum!
Bear in mind this is not the kind of novelty gum you used to order off the back of your comic ...
Prank item considered a "deadly weapon."

Preschool Makes for Happier Adults, Study Finds

These girls must have gone to preschool! Credit: Getty Images Children who went to preschool 25 years ago are better off as adults beca...Preschool graduates are less likely abuse drugs or become criminals.


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