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First-Born Boys Demand More Mommy Time

Baby boys demand more attention from moms than baby girls. Credit: Getty Images Women have thought for years that men are really more h...A study confirms that little boys want mommy all to themselves.

Study: Staying Together 'For the Kids' Not Always a Good Idea

Watch a video on how to help your child adjust to divorce.
Maybe divorce is best for everyone involved. Credit: Getty Images Sure, yo...
It's how you treat your partner, not whether or not you stay together, that affects the kids.

Gender Reveal Parties Use Cake to Announce Baby's Sex

Finding out the sex of a baby? It's a piece of cake -- and an excuse for yet another party parents-to-be expect you to attend with gift in tow. ...They're called "Gender Reveal" parties and they're popping up all over the Internet.

Zsa Zsa Gabor Having a Baby at 94? Her Hubby, 67, Is Working on It

Think 94 is a wee bit old to become a mother? Don't tell that to Zsa Zsa Gabor's hubby. CNN reports Prince Frederic von Anhalt, 67, wants his e...Her husband says he doesn't care that his wife is nearly 100; he wants a baby.

Police Look at How Houston Kindergartner Got Gun

HOUSTON (AP) - Police are trying to determine how a Houston kindergartner got a loaded gun that he brought to an elementary school, where official...Police are trying to determine how a Houston kindergartner got a loaded gun that he brought to an elementary school.

Boy, 6, Takes Family Minivan Out on Grocery Run

"Mom, I'm hungry, I'm taking the car out for a spin!" Credit: Corbis A 6-year-old boy in Klamath Falls, Ore., tells police he was hun...Boy's traffic adventure results in minor injuries for another driver.

Boy's Painted Toenails: Sweet or Scary?

Is it just a cute advertisement depicting a mom hanging out with her son? Or is does it cross a line for a mom to paint her son's toenails neon...
Is it good fun or subliminal liberal politics?

Baby Gets Alcohol by Mistake at Applebee's

At first, he got really, really sleepy and put his head down on the table. A few minutes later, he was chattering away -- saying hello to ev...
Mixed-up juice order leads to baby bender.


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