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Chicago Students Forbidden to Bring Snacks From Home

Don't even think of bringing one of these to Chicago's Little Village Academy. Credit: Getty Images From the Haymarket Riot of 1886 t...Insurrection could do down as the Twinkie Rebellion of 2011.

Easter Eggs? Call Them 'Spring Spheres,' Seattle Teacher Reportedly Instructs Teen Volunteer

Colorful Easter eggs ... err, spring spheres! Credit: Getty Images "Christmas vacation" is commonly referred to as "winter break" at ma...Teen reportedly was asked to refer to Easter eggs as "spring spheres" at Seattle grade school.

Bye-Bye Books? Maine Kindergartners Get iPad 2s

Do kindergartners need iPad 2s? Credit: Getty Images Reading, writing and finger painting -- on an iPad 2? A move by Maine educators co...Forget books. These Maine kindergartners will curl up with ipads at nap time.

'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!'

"Mom, it was so squishy!" Credit: AFP/Getty Images You don't often get to touch boobs in elementary school, but this was a special occa...Career day a touching experience when plastic surgeon brings a breast implant.

Will Bacon Baby Formula Sizzle in Sales?

Could bacon-flavored formula for baby be the new superfood? Credit: Getty Images
Mom bringing home the bacon is taking on a whole new...
Guess who moms are bringing home the bacon for? Babies.

Florida Neighborhood Wants to Ban Kids From Playing Outside

Off my lawn, Sonny! Credit: Corbis Are a you a crabby old coot tired of shaking your cane and telling confounded whippersnappers to sta...Rule would create R-rated streets. No child allowed without an adult.

More Women Having Kids With More Than One Man

Multiple dads are starting to be ushered through a revolving door. Credit: Getty Images Got more than one baby? Then you probably have ...More than one dad per family is bad for kids' health.

Children Raised by Grandparents Facing Health Insurance Crisis

Grandparents raising their grandchildren are facing a new challenge in obtaining child-only health insurance. Credit: Corbis With the p...One of the groups being hit hard by the elimination of the child-only insurance policy are children who are being raised by their grandparents.


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