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Study: Employers Can Keep Mom Happy -- And on the Job

Moms are more likely to keep their jobs if they have more control over their work schedules and have job security as well as the ability t...Flexibility the key to keeping working moms on the job.

Don't Invite Your Mom to the Job Interview (and Other Tips)

It's one thing being a helicopter mom ... Credit: Getty Images "Mooom! I am 48 years old! I think I can apply for a job without your hel...Employers share their horror stories of meddling parents.

Planning for Summer Child Care

Summer will be here before you know it, and our little ones are counting down the days until school lets out. When that happens, families will hav...When school's out, families have to fill anywhere from eight to 10 hours a day of child care.

Are You Paying for Day Care or a Human TV Remote?

This probably doesn't happen often -- your kids are more likely in front of the TV. Credit: Getty Images Who lives in a pineapple under...Researchers find many day care centers rely on TV rather than human interaction.

Kids Answer: What Do Parents Really Do at Work?

On April 28, AOL celebrated National Take Your Child to Work Day in a big way to show kids that work is not just a mythical place where people in suit...Our 7-year-old adorable reporter asks kids what they think their parents do at work. The answers are hilarious!

Dads Want Workplace Flexibility, Too, Expert Says

When I wrote last week about workplace flexibility and my frustration that so many mothers have to drop out of their careers because of the lack of it...Workplace flexibility isn't just a "mommy" problem.

70 Percent of Moms Are Bringing Home the Bacon

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It's off to work most moms go! Credit: Getty There's always been a long list of ammunition in t...
New report shows seven out of 10 American moms with kids younger than 18 are working.

Working Moms, Dads Too Stressed for Sex, Survey Finds

A survey finds 25 percent of working parents say they would have more flexibility in their lives if they left their current jobs. Credit: ...Not tonight, dear, I have a headache -- called life.


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