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Moms and Drinking: Secret After-Hour Addictions of Working Mothers

Moms are good at hiding their drinking. Credit: Getty Images
Is it "wine-o'clock" yet?" is a cry heard among many moms after a rough day with the ...
More moms are drinking their stresses away -- and keeping it a secret.

Moms More Likely to Be Primary Breadwinner and Primary Caretaker, Survey Finds

Unlike the iconic June Cleaver, today's mom is likely to earn more than Dad, but still does most of the housework. Credit: AP photo/file
The recen...
Today's mom brings home the bacon, fries it up, cleans it up and feeds the kids.

Good News for Working Mothers: Going Back to Work Doesn't Harm the Kids

It's OK to go back to work. Seriously. Credit: Getty Images
It's settled: Working mothers don't need to feel guilty about going back to work. A...
Want or need to go back to work after baby arrives? A new report says that's just fine.

Guess Who's Bringing Home the Bacon? Working Wives are the Breadwinners

Work it, Mom. Credit: Corbis
Where have all the Mr. Rights gone? Turns out that now, more than at any other time in history, working wives are bea...
Working wives are bearing the brunt of the recession, slaving away at the office, while their unemployed husbands are shuttling the kids to and from soccer practice, according to a study.

Sleeping on the Job: Baby in Parliament Makes Us Go 'Aww'

Italian Member of the European Parliament Licia Ronzulli takes part in a vote as she cradles her baby at the European Parliament in Strasbourg easte...When images of Licia Ronzulli cradling her baby daughter while attending a voting at the European parliament showed up online, you could almost hear a collective sigh (and "Aww!") from working moms worldwide.

Angie Dickinson: Mothering a Daughter with Asperger's

Composer Burt Bacharach and his actress wife, Angie Dickinson, with their daughter, Nikki, 2, around the swimming pool of their Hollywood ...

What to Ask When Choosing a Daycare Center

Does your daycare center offer unstructured use of art supplies? Credit: Getty Images
Choosing the right daycare center can be almost as difficu...
Choosing the right daycare center can be almost as difficult as leaving your little one. But a mix of common sense and savvy detective work can help you navigate this challenge of modern parenting.

Saving for College? Plan Ahead

Paying for college requires some serious financial planning. Credit: cbowns, Flickr
Even if you save for years, it probably won't be enough to put...


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