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Moms, Your Kids Are Just Fine, Now Get Back to Work, Researchers Say

Stop feeling guilty about going to work. Credit: Getty Images
If you feel guilty about leaving your kids in someone else's care while you go off t...

Survey Shows Positive Signs for the Economy as Back-to-School Shopping Begins

Parents doing back-to-school shopping are showing stores the money. Credit: Steven Senne, AP
In what might be a positive sign for the economy, pa...

Back-to-School Shopping Tabs Near $500, Even in a Recession

Sure, money is tight, but you still have to shop for back-to-school supplies. Credit: jupiterimages
Brother, can you spare $500? That could be w...

Start Saving Early to Pay for College

You're going to need to save some serious pennies to pay for college. Credit: hill.josh, Flickr
Just as getting into college consumes the waking...

In Down Economy, Only-Child Families on the Rise

The myth of the "lonely only" has been debunked. Credit: Getty Images
If you're the parent of a "lonely only," you may feel pretty lonely your...
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Scan away the clutter. Credit: The Neat Company
If you're swimming in a sea of paperwork instead of playing in the pool with the kids, it may be...

Online Games Can Teach Kids Money Skills

Online games can sneak in lessons about managing money. Credit: Getty Images Just like getting kids to eat veggies by hiding them in food, someti...

Summer Camp and Tipping: What You Need to Know

Should you slip some cash to your kid's camp counselor? Credit: Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains / AP
Soon, parents everywhere will be...


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