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'Molescular Scalpel' Offers Hope in Muscular Dystrophy Fight

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A "molecular scalpel" could help children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
The gene for the protein dystrophin...
Drug trial shows promise in the UK.

Parents of Children With ADHD Face Serious Stress, Study Shows

Credit: Getty Images There's no doubt ADHD is tough on the children who suffer from the disorder, but it's really hard on parents, too....The entire family should be considered when treating a child with ADHD, researchers say.

My 17-Year-Old is Addicted to Video Games!

Dear AdviceMama, Our family is trapped in video game hell. My son is 17, and the gaming is out of control. It has ruined our relationship,...
I've long believed that we don't understand how addictive video games can be to some people.

Wait it Out: Babies Born Before 39 Weeks Face Health Risks, Experts Warn

Credit: Getty Images You plan your work schedules, your vacations, your children's playdates, your weekend entertainment and pretty...More women are scheduling their baby's birth early, but doctors say that can be harmful to the infant.

It's So Hot Outside: Tips on Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer Heat

Credit: AFP/Getty Images Yep, we know: It's hot out there. Like, really, really hot. Like, so hot you really don't want to step outside...Young children are especially vulnerable to heat, experts say.

How to Play Quidditch

Just because "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," the final movie in the Harry Potter series, has already been released, doesn't mean you...Let the Harry Potter series live on by learning how to play Quidditch for real.

Texas Study Shows Majority of Middle, High School Students Suspended or Expelled

Credit: Getty Images You don't mess with Texas, and, if you're in school there, you definitely don't wanna mess with the...Also noted: Minority students faced harsher punishments more often than white students.

Go Ahead and Sleep With Your Toddler, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
Does sleeping with a toddler leave the child socially maladjusted and lead to other developmental problems?
Researchers find sleeping with toddlers doesn't do them any harm.


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