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Creative Summer Games: How Kids Can Entertain Themselves

Most kids count down the days until summer vacation in anticipation of three months of carefree fun. But it doesn't take long for parents to...Dr. Michelle Borba, author of "The Big Book of Parenting Solutions" lends some tips to help kids learn how to entertain themselves when they whine about having nothing to do.

Swedish Researchers Tie Folic Acid to Good Grades

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Hey, kids, want to grow up to be super smart like some sort of Swedish researcher?
Be sure to eat lots and lots...
However, American nutritionists say U.S. kids get enough of the stuff.

Stay-at-Home Dads More Likely to Get Divorced

Credit: Getty Images You really need to think twice before you take in an ocelot, chimpanzee, wolf or human male with the thought of...Study says husbands and fathers don't fare well in captivity.

Summer Fun and Games: You Could Be Your Kid's Favorite Toy

Most children would do anything to have their busy parents get on the floor and play with them, especially in their early years. Credit:...Playing with your child this summer could mean lots of fun for both of you.

Healthy Snacks for Kids From Jillian Michaels

Leading health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels joined Marlo Thomas on Mondays with Marlo for a terrific chat about fitness, weight loss,...Here are ideas for some not-so-terrible "junk food" snacks.

Vocational Education At Risk Because of Focus on College

Obama's budget calls for cuts in vocational education. Credit: Getty Images A lot of kids will never get a college degree -- at least...Obama's budget calls for cuts in vocational education.

When Schools Report Students' Weight to Parents, Changes Seldom Happen, Study Finds

Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children. Credit: John Moore, Getty...Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children.
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Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Dear AdviceMama, I take care of twin 18-month-olds, a boy and girl. The mom has started "disciplining" them with spanks and timeouts. As a...
True discipline isn't about punishment; it's about teaching children right from wrong with patience and understanding.


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