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Pregnant? Get Vaccinated Against Whooping Cough

Members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted June 22 to recommend pregnant women who previously were not vaccinated...Researchers say vaccinated mothers can pass some immunity to their children.

Pregnant Moms: Get Flu Vaccine to Keep Babies From Getting Sick, Researchers Say

Credit: Getty Images Don't want to take any chances when it comes to keeping your newborn from catching the flu? Get the influenza...Study finds an infant's chance of getting the flu drops by nearly 50 percent when mom gets a shot while pregnant.

Case of Woman Breast-Feeding On Demand Overturned

Credit: Getty Images Breast-feeding has come with it's share of questions and concerns for years. Yes, we all know it's the ideal way...A Spanish woman's child was taken away because the woman engaged in "chaotic" breast-feeding.

Jennie Finch Names Son Diesel Dean Daigle

Jennie Finch welcomed another baby boy, Diesel Dean Daigle, on June 19th. Credit: AP When softball phenom named her first son Ace, we...The softball pitcher's son will join big brother Ace.

Investing in More Midwives Could Help Save Lives, UN Study Finds

Credit: Getty Images Midwives don't only deliver babies, they can deliver health services to women, as well, something that could...United Nations study finds governments should support more resources for midwives.

Your Sleep Position May Save Your Unborn Baby's Life

Study shows pregnant women who sleep on their left side reduce the risk of stillbirths. Credit: Getty Images The position you sleep in...Study says sleeping on your left side might be a matter of life and death for your unborn infant.

Pregnancy Announcements: Surprise the Grandparents

As you plan to make your big pregnancy announcement, you may wonder about timing. Credit: Corbis Pregnancy announcements are a fun way...While a phone call will suffice, consider these creative ways to let the new grandparents know that you're expecting.

Room for Baby: Planning the Nursery

The nursery should have a few basics: a crib or bassinet, a changing table, a rocking chair and a dresser to hold the baby's clothing and...A few of our favorite places online to find adorable nursery decor.


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