16 and pregnant 

MTV to Air 'No Easy Decision' Special on Teen Abortion

"No Easy Decision," an MTV documentary, follows three teens who chose to have abortions. Credit: Getty MTV's "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" series may have helped bring teenage parents into the media spotlight, but the struggles of p...MTV documentary will focus on teens who chose to have abortions.

MTV's 'Teen Mom': Pro-Life or Pro-Sex?

After giving birth to my sixth child, I spent two days in the hospital alone -- bonding, nursing ... and totally addicted to a marathon of MTV's "16 and Pregnant." Watching episode after episode, I was riveted by the brutally honest portrayal of...Clearly the teens on the show had sex, but there's a level of comfort that the kids have in each other's homes that I suspect was there before the double lines appeared on the EPT test.

16 and Pregnant: The Reality Show

On June 11, 2009, MTV debuted a reality show, "16 and Pregnant," which examines the lives of expecting teen mothers and the issues they face including gossip, marriage, adoption and financial problems. Each episode focuses on one girl, who is in h...

MTV Exploiting Pregnant Teens?

Pregnant teens are new reality show stars. Image: sxc.hu
Back in December, an MTV executive promised viewers a kinder, gentler MTV. The network responsible for such gems as the vapid pseudo-reality show "The Hills" and the nauseating "My Super Sw...


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