All in a name?

Recently the NYC Department of Health and Hygiene released its top ten girls and boys names for 2006. Michael was the top name for boys and Ashley held the top spot for girls. I like reading about trends in naming, and especially enjoyed reading bab...

Gwyneth Paltrow baby name: Capone?

Gwyneth Paltrow took forever to officially announce her pregnancy. I guess she had to before the Golden Globes, because she's rocking a Balenciaga maternity dress made just for her. Wouldn't it be nice (*sigh*). I'm totally calling up Balenciaga when...

2006 resolutions in parenting from Sarah Gilbert

I'd like to be a better parent in 2006. I think I'll always be in this parenting ambivalence, some days thinking smugly that I must be the best mama in six counties, other days feeling as if I should hide my boys so that child services can't take th...

Baby image of the day: Happy New Year

It wasn't hard picking today's best image: Robyn of Shutterblog made good with the best props of the whole year (so far). Once again, she's given me the inspiration to head out for some props and dress my new baby in his 2006 best. Thanks for the gr...

Happy New Year from the whole family

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling especially grumpy. The whole family had come down with an especially snotty cold, and all the boys had a fever. I had a headache. As I walked into our dirty kitchen to get yet another glass of orange juice for Everet...


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