The best (unscary) Halloween movies for kids

When it comes to Halloween, television and film are no exception to trying to up the ante every year in terms of providing us with entertainment and thrills. Most of the time, this involves yet another installation of the Saw franchise, which is...

Disney goes 3-D

Moviegoers will soon find it necessary to sport a new accessory when viewing a Disney movie: 3-D glasses. Eight out of ten Disney movies slated for release in the next four years will be filmed in digital 3-D. "We're excited to be pushing the boundar...

More 3-D movies on the way

Thanks to the success of "Meet the Robinsons," and other recent 3-D releases, studios are planning on showing an increasing number of movies in 3-D over the next few years. I actually haven't seen "Robinsons" (Edan's mom called dibs on that one), so ...


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