4-H Club Members Less Likely to Do Drugs, Have Sex, Study Finds

More 4-H students are staying away from drugs and alcohol. Credit: Getty Images
It used to be that the mention of 4-H clubs conjured up images of teens headed away from city life to the farm to bale hay or milk cows.
But now, the na...
Kids in 4-H learn public speaking, engineering, math and volunteerism.

Ohio Teen Buys House With 4-H Winnings

Lindsay Binegar, 19, in front of the Ohio house she purchased with her own earnings from selling hogs. Credit: Eric Albrecht, Columbus Dispatch
Lindsay Binegar started saving her 4-H money when she won $100 showing a hog at the age of 4. Si...

Eleven-year-old wins Alaskan State Fair contest

Eleven-year-old Brenna Dinkel of Wasilla, Alaska has a big head. No, she's not conceited; she has a big head of cabbage. Her cabbage, named Bruce, weighed in at a whopping 73.4 pounds, winning the Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off competition at the Alaska Sta...


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