4D ultrasounds 

Ultrasound Basics: Standard, 3D or 4D?

Some independent facilities offer 3D and 4D ultrasounds as pregnancy keepsakes. Credit: Getty Images
When scheduling an ultrasound with your obstetrician during a routine pregnancy, don't think of it as your baby's first photo.
Obstetricians use ultrasound -- or sound waves that are converted into pictures -- to look for congenital physical problems and to check for multiple pregnancies.

British Soccer Star Has Ultrasound Party

Coleen and Wayne Rooney shared their ultrasound with friends and family. Credit: X17online
For most, childbirth and everything leading up to it is a private affair. For others, it's a public display of affection. Wayne and Coleen Rooney, a f...

Have you had a 4-dimensional scan?

I have been completely fascinated with development in the womb lately. Before I had Nolan, I didn't give human development a whole lot of thought and now I wonder how I could have not thought about it. There is nothing so amazingly complex and myster...


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