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Rapper 50 Cent Gives His Two Cents on Bullying in New Book

50 Cent is trying his hand at rhyming, not for a song though, a children's book. Credit: Getty Images
Rapper 50 Cent has a simple solution for bullying.
"Give me a knife," he once rapped. "I'll get rid of your neighborhood bully." ...
Rapper coming out with a book for teens on bullying? Ooo, is there going to be a knife fight?

50 Cent Joins Teen YouTube Sensation in Latest Viral Video

With more than 30 million YouTube hits, Keenan Cahill may just hold the current title of world's most famous lip syncer. The bespectacled 15-year-old from Chicago has found fame taping bedroom-recorded videos of songs including Katy Perry's "T...This 15 year old has found fame lip syncing in his bedroom. Is America great, or what?

50 Cent sued by fourteen year old

A fourteen year old boy is suing both rapper 50 Cent and the Universal record label for promoting the "gangsta" lifestyle. James Rosemond, the teenager in question, alleges friends of the rapper (and mogul) assaulted him. James and his mother, ...

50 Cent's ex wants more child support

Rapper 50 Cent got rich and he didn't die trying. In fact, he's so rich that the mother of his ten year old son is demanding an increase in the $25,000 per month she receives for child support and household expenses. According to Forbes, 50 Cent e...

Double standard for 50 Cent?

Rapper and former drug dealer 50 Cent is appalled. Appalled, I tell you! Surprisingly, he might even be right. You may remember that Mr. Cent was chastised for a billboard showing him holding a baby with a handgun tucked into his pants. The British A...

Tots take to the runway during New York Fashion Week

Fifty children aged 4-12 hit the catwalk Monday during a special kids' fashion show sponsored by Child magazine. According to a Yahoo article, "the models wore miniature outfits by such top design names as Bill Blass and Kenneth Cole, all of whi...

New 50 Cent Billboard angers British: it's not just a mic anymore

We've previously reported the angry responses to billboards promoting some movie by rapper 50 Cent where he's topless and holding a phallic microphone, but the movie's publicists have taken things one step further in the U.K., where ads for the movie...

50 Cent's parenting criticized. Parents everywhere SHOCKED, I tell you

50 Cent - he seems like such a virtuous, well-mannered human being. How could anyone accuse him of bad parenting? But someone has done the unthinkable and (yes, it's true) accused him of being a terrible parent. According to Starpulse, the rapper let...


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