Teething and the power of oxytocin

He's drooling... he must be teething! Fevers? He's probably teething. Oh, look at your baby chomp on those toys! He's surely teething. I've been listening to the old, and not-so-old, wives for pretty much the whole eight-some months of Truman's life....

Blogging baby book: he stands! he stands!

2005.01.14.11:30 p.m. truman stands alone. kitchen. I'd forgotten how thrilling that moment was, the first instant your baby stands unassisted. Truman is eight-and-a-half months, almost to the day, and it was after I'd put Everett to bed. Truman, he...

Blogging baby book: playing together

Now that my youngest son is eight-and-a-half months, I'm starting to get impatient. I want him to start playing with his big brother and give me little peace already! But, coincidentally, three-and-a-half seems to be an age that carries a lot of need...

Baby image of the day: baby, from above

Travis isn't exactly pleased in this photo. Why? Probably because his mama, thinking to herself, boy, that's a cute baby!, decided to take his picture. Who wouldn't? Just look at those adorable stripes on that pretty toile quilt. But sure enough, in...

Adventures in Parenting: the unattainable schedule

I wanted to comment on Stefania Butler's post about scheduling. But, my laptop was on the fritz (second time my power cord has died, grrr), and more importantly: I felt a little out of my league. As you may recall, one of my parenting resolutions fo...

Baby image of the day: getting it in her mouth

Why is it that the number one goal of all babies everywhere is to get everything they see into their mouth? Whole, if possible, raising the spectre of a 15-pound human with a 10-pound bag of sugar in his mouth (if only he could open up that wide...)....

Blogging baby book: the great and powerful Trudini

My eight-month-old son is a magician. He rivals the great Houdini himself. He's so powerful, in fact, I'm thinking about renaming him "Trudini." So, you'd like to know a little something about his powers? Take yesterday as an example. I was...


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