My 14 Year Old is Awful to Her Younger Sister!

Dear AdviceMama, My 14-year-old is always angry with her 11-year-old sister. She is also rude with me. She is very caring to others, especially little children, and is a good friend at school. It is hard for my younger daughter to watch he...
It's painful to watch anyone treat our child unkindly, but it's doubly difficult when one of our own children is inflicting the damage.

Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Dear AdviceMama, I take care of twin 18-month-olds, a boy and girl. The mom has started "disciplining" them with spanks and timeouts. As a result, the girl frowns and hits -- I feel she is acting out what she sees, and trying to process it...
True discipline isn't about punishment; it's about teaching children right from wrong with patience and understanding.

My Son's Tantrums Leave Me Exhausted!

Dear AdviceMama, I have a 9-year-old son, and three and 2-year-old daughters. My son has had a temper since he was a baby. I thought his tantrums would end by 4 years, but they are getting worse. He throws tantrums for everything: He scr...
Looking after three young children is tough already, but having one who frequently has tantrums will wear down even the saintliest parent.

My Kids Fight All the Time! How Do I Stop Sibling Rivalry?

Dear AdviceMama, What can I do about my children's sibling rivalry? They fight all the time! Signed, Exasperated Mom Dear Exasperated, It's natural for children to feel frustrated when big sister takes the last cookie, or little br...When siblings cannot negotiate disagreements without hurting one another parents need to take action.

How Can I Get My Child to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dear AdviceMama, I am the mother of three children. Our youngest refuses to sleep alone in his own bed. We have tried lying down with him until he falls asleep or letting him lie in our bed until he falls asleep, but as soon as we move or tr...
Be crystal clear that the goal is to help him go to sleep in his own bed and stay there.

My Little One Was So Excited About Being a Big Brother ... But Not Anymore!

Dear AdviceMama, During my pregnancy, my 3-year old could not have been more excited about having a little brother or sister. He told everyone he was going to be a big brother and couldn't wait for "his" little baby to be born. He was ...
Be patient with your son, and help him cry whenever he's upset.

My Preschooler's Whining Is Making Me Crazy!

Dear AdviceMama, I have a 4-year-old son. What do you recommend when he whines? It drives me crazy, but when I try to get him to stop, he just does it more! Signed, Driven Crazy Mom Dear Driven Crazy Mom, I feel for you. While par...
A child's plaintive, repetitive whimpers can make even the most easy-going parents lose their patience.

My Teen's Grades are Dropping and College is Around the Corner!

Dear AdviceMama, My teenage son's grades have been going downhill all year. His last report card was all Ds, a few Cs and one A. The main reason seems to be that he doesn't study enough and has been missing assignments. If I say anything to ...
My teenage son's grades have been going downhill all year and college is around the corner, what should I do?

My Son Confessed That He's Tried Pot! Should I Punish Him?

Dear AdviceMama, My 15-year old son just admitted to me he tried marijuana over the summer. I have no idea how to handle this. I talked to him about drug use, making good choices, my disappointment in him, etc., but do I punish him? How sh...
My 15-year old son just admitted to me he tried marijuana over the summer.

How Can I Get My Teenage Son to Open Up?

Dear AdviceMama, My son isn't interested in sharing a lot of what he is feeling and he becomes annoyed when I try to talk to him. We seem to be managing all right, but I know things must eat him up inside every day, and it sometimes comes ou...
The best way to encourage a teen to open up is to "teach" him that it is safe to do so.

Computer and Video Games Make My Boys Forget Homework and Even Dinner!

Dear AdviceMama, Once my sons are on the computer or video game, I can't get them to come to dinner or do their homework. They say they aren't hungry, or that they have to use the computer to do their homework. What can I do? Signed, Tec...
Can't get your kids to unplug? Take a look at your own tech behavior.

Does It Have to Be a Chore to Get My Daughter to Do Chores?

Dear AdviceMama,
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores? I have tried everything except spanking. I do not believe in physical punishment at all for any reason. Thanks. Signed, Wanting Help! Dear Wanting, ...
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores?

My Neighbor's Child Often Hits My Daughter! Help!

Dear AdviceMama, My 3-year-old loves to play with our neighbor's child, but things often fall apart when the other child hits my daughter. What should I do? Signed, Mom who wants a bruise-less kid Dear Mom, When our child is th...
When our child is threatened or harmed by anyone, our instinct is to take action, and that's a good thing.

'You're the Meanest Mom in the World!'

Dear AdviceMama, My 12-year-old wants to do things that her friends get to do, but I don't think she's old enough and she's furious ... what should I do? Signed, "Meanest Mom" Dear Mom, When it comes to contests, there's one that ne...We need to be our child's parent, and that often means they aren't going to like us, AdviceMama says.

Help! I Can't Get My Teen Out of Bed in the Morning Without Shouting and Drama!

I have to scream every morning to get my 16-year old daughter up for school. She stays up too late and is always tired. Any suggestions?
This question has two parts. The first is about the age-old problem of getting kids up in the morning an...
Does your teen seem tired all the time? She's probably not getting enough sleep.


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