Snap Judgement: A Holiday Card Photo Dilemma

The author, third from left, and his clan win The Happiest Family photo contest in 1957. Credit: Davega Stores
My father was always taking pictures. Still photos, movies, he had to have all the latest equipment. We were always being posed for jus...
Contemplating this year's Christmas card photo takes on a new, and sad, meaning.

Divorce: Saying Good-Bye to the Kids and the Nest

The author's children, Nick and Emily. Credit: Jeremy Gerard
Tears come easily to me -- an airline commercial can do the trick -- but crying, of the loud, snot-gulping, bottomless despair sort, is rare. Yet that's what happened when I flipped thr...
This dad shares his experience saying goodbye to his college-bound kids and becoming a single parent.

A Room With A (Point Of) View

Does the grown-up Emily still have dibs on her room? Credit: Jeremy Gerard
Last time Emily came home from college, she busted me for stashing a few pairs of old jeans in the bottom drawer of her empty bureau. She smelled a coup in the offing. G...

Traditions Don't Have to Change, We Do

My wife is juggling Nick's PowerBook, trying to frame him, me and the menorah on the mantel so that his sister can see us all. I strike a match, touch it to the shamus, the candle that lights all the others at Hanukkah, and we begin the three prayers...


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