Spielstabil Ice Cream Set

Scoop up fun with this ice cream set. Credit: Moolka.com
Summer and ice cream are always a winning combination, so why not scoop up a little yummy fun for the little ones?
We're especially craving Spielstabil's Ice Cream Set, a BPA-...
Play ice cream shop in the sand, then wash it up and dish up real ice cream later.

Lego 'Cars 2' Tokyo International Racing Circuit

Get your speed on with this "Cars 2" Lego set. Credit: Toysrus.com
Moms and dads, start your engines. "Cars 2" vrooms its way into theaters June 24, and what better way to celebrate than with a little Lego action?
In the sequel, Lig...
"Cars 2" races into theaters next week -- but the toys are already hitting shelves.

Dora and SpongeBob Sunbow Sunscreen

Dora sunscreen? Fabuloso! Credit: Drugstore.com
We don't know about you, but getting our kids to stand still for sunscreen can put a real damper on fun in the sun.
But bring Dora or SpongeBob into the process and things suddenly get...
The Nickoldeon characters make sunscreen application a breeze.

Vans Hello Kitty Collection

Hello Kitty gets the Vans treatment. Credit: Vans.com
If your kids have Hello Kitty books, T-shirts, dolls, puzzles -- even scooters, toasters or bedding sets, it's time to treat their feet.
Vans has collaborated with everyone's fav...
Hello Kitty sneakers are purr-fect for adults, kids or toddlers.

Splash Bombs 8-Piece Pool Party Pack

Splash Bombs offer fun in the sun. Credit: Toysrus.com Getting your stuff together for a day at the pool or beach can feel like packing for two-week road trip. Towels, suits, sunscreen, munchies, water bottles, water wings, toys ... Th...Make a splash by toting along these water toys.

RoadTrip Travel Game

What would summer be without a family road trip? And, yes, while we fully expect some serious whining to occur ("Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"), packing along a fun game can help pass the time -- and miles -- with ease. RoadTrip from Daddy-...Pass the miles quickly with this fun travel game.

SweetSeat Booster Chair

The SweetSeat is just so sweet! Credit: SweetSeat There comes a time in the lives of most children when they will refuse to sit in a high chair, but they're still too small to sit in a regular seat at the table. It's time for a boost. ...Give your kids a boost with this stylish mealtime chair.


Play baby music really, really early on with Bellybuds. Credit: Bellybuds.com Some moms-to-be want their growing babies to get a head start on a love for Beethoven. For others, it's the Beatles. Or Bono. Maybe even Bjork or Bon Jovi. W...Play your baby your favorite tunes -- or your mate's voice -- with these safe headphones.

All-Surface Swingball X-Base

Swingball will keep kids busy for hours. Credit: Toysrus.com Looking for a way to entertain the kids this summer that doesn't involve putting the DVD player on repeat, passing out video game controls or sticking them in front of the TV...Get the kids outside with this tetherball-like game

Banzai Rip Curl Curve Water Slide

Banzai! Credit: Toysrus.com
It's totally time to get out the sprinklers and turn your back yard into a water park.
But, for those yearning to go beyond the simple plastic kiddie pool or even the much-loved Slip 'n' Slide, comes the ...
Turn your yard into a water park with this fun slide.

Keen Newport Metallic Sandals

Keen's new metallic sandals come in yellow, lilac and green. Credit: Keenfootwear.com Flip-flops are fine for a trip to the pool, but any parent who has seen their child wipe out in the flimsy footwear on the playground knows a sturdie...We're keen on Keen's shiny new sandals.

Lands' End Swimwear Collections for Girls and Boys

Make a splash with kids' swimsuits from Lands' End. Credit: Lands' End June has finally arrived, which means pools are open and the splashing can begin! Now, to suit up your kids in swimwear that's cute, affordable, sporty and age-ap...Get your splash on with fun -- and affordable -- swimwear for kids.

KidsCraft Playhouses Shuttle Imagination

Kids can decorate their Shuttle Imagination, too. Credit: KidsCraft Playhouses It's often said that a big ol' empty box is a kid's favorite toy. So, what if that box was tweaked a bit, taking the form of something really cool -- like a...Launch into summer play time with this rocket-shaped box.

AnnieWear.com Animal-Themed Children's Boutique

Roar with delight over this lion robe, $46.75, at AnnieWear.com. Credit: AnnieWear.com There's just something about animals -- especially baby animals -- that little kids love. It's no wonder so many children say they want to be veteri...Animal-themed site donates to rescue charities.

Air Hedz

Air Hedz are full of inflatable fun. Credit: Bluw Toys
Trying to figure out ways to keep the kids busy this summer? Pump up the fun with inflatable dress-up forms.
Air Hedz, a Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award Winner, are essentially ...
We're guessing these inflatable wigs are about to blow up.


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