Haba Beach Back Pack

Cue the Alice Cooper: School is out for summer. If your upcoming Memorial Day weekend includes a trip a to the beach -- or just the sandbox at your nearest park -- you'll want to bring along some tools. Our pick? Haba's Back Pack, a six-piece...Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer. Do you have your beach toys yet?

CitiBlocs Cool Colors 100-Piece Set

Build a skyline with colorful CitiBlocks. Credit: CitiBlocks.com
Future engineers or budding architects gotta start somewhere. May we suggest a little building block fun?
CitiBlocs are award-winning, eco-friendly building blocks tha...
This eco-friendly block set just requires a little imagination.

Smart Gear Smart Balance Bikes

Smart Balance Bike for girls in "floral hearts." Credit: Amazon.com
It's that time of year when kids can't wait to get outside and ride bikes with their neighborhood friends.
But if your kiddos aren't quite ready for two-wheelers --...
Look, Ma! No feet! Balance bike comes sans pedals.

Ikea Duktig Vegetable Set

Farmer's market season is about to crop up! Credit: Ikea.com
With school nearly out and Memorial Day just around the corner, that can only mean local farmer's markets are about to crop up nation-wide.
Why not get your kids as excite...
Get your kids ready to garden -- and eat their veggies -- with this plush set.

Chuggington Interactive Railway

If there's an aspiring train conductor in your house, it's time to set up some tracks. We're whistling over the Chuggington Interactive Railway sets from Learning Curve. Using SmartTalk technology, the different train engines recognize and int...The more train pieces you add, the more interactive play gets.

Little Giraffe NapSack

The Little Giraffe NapSack makes for sweet sleep. Credit: Little Giraffe Nap time is happy time -- but when you're away from home, it can be difficult to get your little one to sleep. But you can rest assured: Little Giraffe's sweet ...This super-soft pillow and blanket can be easily toted for naps on the go.

Peaceable Kingdom Cooperative Games

Count Your Chickens teaches cooperation. Credit: PeaceableKingdom.com Have a serious case of sibling rivalry at home? Maybe it's time for some board games that teach your kids to work together as a team -- rather than battle it out as ...These board games teach kids to play as a team -- not against each other.

Bento Diaper Bag

The Bento Diaper Bag comes with an insulated cooler. Credit: SkipHop We're slightly obsessed with all they way cool bento lunch boxes out there, so you can imagine our squeals when we discovered the Bento Diaper Bag from SkipHop. ...This diaper bag will last you long after the diaper days.

The Handwork Studio Summer Camps

Yep, we're one of those parents. You know, the parents who wait until the very last minute to figure out what the heck we're going to do with our kids once school is out for the summer. And, from the looks of the calendar, we've got about two wee...Let your kid get her "Project Runway" on with this touring day camp.

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Queen Anne's Revenge LEGO Playset

The Queen Anne's Revenge LEGO Playset is a swashbucklin' good time. Credit: Disney
Is your little matey shivering his timbers, awaiting the opening of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" on May 20?
Pass the time w...
Can't wait for the next Jack Sparrow movie? Have some swashbucklin' fun with this Lego playset.

Towne & Reese Jewelry

Mix and match styles from Towne & Reese. Credit: Towne & Reese
Did you get something great for Mother's Day? Even though the holiday has passed, we still think it's important to splurge a little bit on yourself.
We recently ...
Treat yourself to a little jewelry shopping.

HippMama Tool Belt

Look, ma, no hands! Credit: TheHipMama.com
When you're a busy mom with a young baby, you pretty much always can use another hand.
Between bottles, keys, toys, your phone, snacks and all the other things you need close-by, a little h...
Keep everything close at hand with this tool belt for moms.

Calypso St. Barth for Target

The new collection of Calypso St. Barth for Target will make Mom happy. Credit: Target Mother's Day is just days away -- are you still in need of a gift? Or, for you moms out there with forgetful families, are you still looking to drop...There's still time to pick up a fashionable Mother's Day gift.

Brush With Genius

Paint and play music with Brush with Genius. Credit: Colorforms
Hmm ... Which activity should we have the kids take on today -- art or music?
How 'bout both? Way cool technology developed at MIT (which we won't pretend to fully unde...
Plain old paper, watercolors and this cool brush make art literally sing.

Bambeeno Cashmere Lobster Sweater

Bambeeno Cashmere's lobster sweater is spring-tastic. Credit: Bambeeno Cashmere Who says little ones should be deprived of a little luxury now and then? Certainly not Jessica Alba or Kelly Rutherford -- two celebs who dress their kids ...Dress your child like Jessica Alba's daughter, Honor, in this chic label.


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