Is My Child About to Be Snatched?

When you suddenly notice your child is not by your side at the grocery, or the mall, or the sidewalk, do you immediately think, "Oh my God! Kidnapped!?!" If so, you are not alone. You are also not in your right mind. You are suffering from media-i...Afraid of your kids going missing? Turn off the TV!

This 'Let's Move!' Ad Isn't Going to Get Kids Moving

Click here to watch how the families in our Healthy Families Challenge are staying fit! "Let's Move!" has an ad campaign running that should be called "Let's Lie!" A mom is in the kitchen when her daughter, age about 11, calls down from the ...Tricking kids into a minute of exercise isn't going to end childhood obesity.

Sure, Your 7-Year-Old Can Walk, But Why Not Carry Him?

If you thought carrying your baby for the first year or two was tough, I've got some bad news for you. It's the Piggyback Rider -- a newfangled, $80 child carrier that promises it can handle kids up to 60 pounds ... and 7 years old. Yep. Now you c...If you thought carrying your baby for the first year or two was tough, I've got some bad news for you.

How Camp Changes Kids

Over the past few years, there's been talk of a new camp ailment: childsickness. It's not children getting sick, it's parents homesick for their kids. Pathetic, but understandable. After all, this is a generation of parents who spend a huge chunk ...Camp is the ultimate field trip -- one that doesn't need Mom or Dad tagging along for the ride.

How to Cripple Your Kids: Treat Them Like They're Helpless

My friend Michelle's preschool daughter has autism. Every morning Michelle brings her into school, where the staff teaches the kids with special needs how to get their boots off, how to stuff their mittens in their pockets, how to hang their coats on...Isn't it weird that nowadays a lot of people think that being a "good" parent means treating their little darlings as if they're handicapped?

Suicide-Proof Your Teen (as Much as You Can)

Okay, here's the terrible news: A 2009 study of New York City public high school students found one in 10 had attempted suicide, and 3.4 percent got so far as to require medical attention. I wish I could say I'm shocked by this, but I know two teens ...It is time to have "The Talk" with our kids. No, not the talk about sex. The one about suicide.

Enough With the Breast-feeding Wars!

And we think men are obsessed with breasts? Geez, can we possibly call a time-out on the mom vs. mom breast-feeding wars? The latest skirmish erupted recently when Michelle Obama said she wants to promote breast-feeding, particularly among African...You know what is truly optimal, when it comes to feeding your baby? Whatever works best for you.

Cops Ticket Mom for Letting Son, 14, Babysit His Pre-K Brother

Lovely. A mom in England was ticketed for "cruelty" for leaving her 14-year-old son in charge of his 3-year-old brother for half an hour while she went out shopping. Well, they don't call it a "ticket" in England, they call it a "caution" -- but f...What, exactly, is so cruel about letting your teenage son act responsibly?

Reality TV, Here I Come (and Maybe You Can Join Me!)

Hey, parents! Do you ever find yourself over-worrying about creeps, kidnapping, germs, grades, flash cards, flashers, baby snatchers, sleepovers and/or the perils of a non-organic grape? If so, maybe we'll meet on my new TV show. Yes, I'm about to...Do you need to stop freaking out and start enjoying parenting a little more? If so, you could be on Lenore Skenazy's new reality show!

Mom Behind Bars for Trying to Give Kids a Decent Education

A 40-year-old Ohio mom is heading to jail for trying to sneak her kids into a better school. Kelley Williams-Bolar pretended her two daughters lived with her father -- their grandpa -- so that they could attend the better, safer school in his di...She was found guilty of a felony and told that she can forget about finishing up her teaching degree.

What Next? Jail Time for Non-Organic Soccer Snacks?

So a Florida legislator is introducing a bill that would have teachers grade parents. This idea is more revolting than a school lunch fish taco. I get that the idea is to make sure parents get their kid to school on time, get their homework done, ...The terrible thing about this idea is that it allows someone else to determine if our parenting skills pass muster.

Free-Range Parents and Chinese Moms: Where We Agree

All week my inbox has have been practically shouting: "Did you see the Tiger Parenting piece? It's like the opposite of Free-Range Kids!" Except, in part, it isn't. Free-Range Kids, my book and blog, contends that we don't need to helicopter ...Like Amy Chua's approach or not, she fully believes in her kids.

Do School Shooting Drills Do More Harm Than Good?

The school shooting last week –- a 17-year old in Omaha killed the assistant principal and wounded the principal before killing himself -– is sure to revive the debate about whether schools should have shooting drills. That is because ...We are teaching our kids that only constant paranoia makes sense.

Is Your Child Going Outside in the Snow? The Advice Every Parent Must Read!

Brrr! It's a snowy day and you know what that means: Snow advice! From the "experts!" Advice-givers who can turn any childhood activity into a disaster waiting to happen. Or, of course, an educational bonanza. Or both! For God's sake, do not send ...For God's sake, do not send your kids out into the deadly white powder until you consider these life-saving, grade-boosting, treat-you-like-a-total-moron tips!

Teacher Assigns Extra Credit Project for 6th Graders: Grow Up

The sixth graders in Joanna Drusin's English class get a strange assignment every year: If they want to, for extra credit, they can grow up. Oh, she doesn't call it that. The New York City teacher calls it the "Do Something on Your Own" project. H...A New York City teacher has an unusual extra credit project for her students: Growing up.


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