News Flash: Women Are More Than Just Body Types and Sex Positions

After seven years of blogging about maternal mental health, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that I ended up on a media list. Some public relations person somewhere decided I would be a great person to contact with all news releases related to heal...What are the top health concerns of women? Will waistline be in the top five? Bust size? Skin tone? Waxed upper lips? NO!

Why Summer Break Scares Me

Summer break has begun. Some moms are thrilled about this. They can't wait to go on adventures and hang out all day long for weeks at a time with their kids. Their calendars are already filled with plans for family field trips and crafts and such....Planning 10 weeks of activities for the kids has this mom freaked out before summer has even begun.

It's Time to Start a 'No Mean Girls' Coalition

When I was in high school, I definitely was not considered one of the "cool" girls. Apparently, if your senior year resume includes show choir and the drug-free squad, you're on the OK to Ignore and Even Jeer At If Necessary list. I wasn't bullied...Is it really an inevitable part of our nature to gather in cliques and be spiteful to each other?

Botox for 8-Year-Old Reminds Us of Beauty Messages Moms Send Their Daughters

My beloved grandmother Mary was a model in her youth, even doing a stint as the Lucky Strikes girl, appearing on the back cover of Life magazines in the '40s. She was, and, now in her 90s, still is, gorgeous and the epitome of a Southern belle. God...Who brings up the idea of giving her 8-year-old Botox? I realize -- or at least, I hope -- this isn't a common occurrence.

A Compendium of Mother Warning Phrases

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd take a look at one of the most important and oft-used tools in any mom's arsenal: the warning phrase. Don't act like you don't have one, because I know you do. I have two. I call them my shot-across-the-b...What's your mom warning style? Don't make me ask you again!

Why I Quit Using the Word 'Retarded'

I'm a child of the '80s. We had our own lexicon back then. Words we used the way people now use "holla" and "unfriend." One of the words was "whale," as in, "Seniors Whale," as in, seniors are really cool and far superior to all other forms of you...If using the "R-word" hurts, why use it?

Does Parenting Make Being Healthy - and Thin - Too Hard?

They say nothing really changes when you turn 40. It's true. It's 41 that's the kicker. I turned 41 last December and have since experienced all sorts of surprising changes, like hair where once there was none and eyes -- eyes which have always se...Are you happy in the skin you are in?

How I Barely Survived When My Hard Drive Died

Hard drives can die, apparently. Mine did this week, without any warning. It's not like it had been suffering a cough for a while, or experiencing aches and pains, or giving off some other indication that it wasn't feeling well. The entire head...When my hard drive died, I cried. I ran scans. I called my mom.

Dads Want Workplace Flexibility, Too, Expert Says

When I wrote last week about workplace flexibility and my frustration that so many mothers have to drop out of their careers because of the lack of it, you had a lot to say. Some of you have experienced the same frustration, while others vented th...Workplace flexibility isn't just a "mommy" problem.

Why Are Companies Still So Inflexible With Working Mothers?

Many years ago, I commuted every day, 45 minutes each way, to downtown Atlanta for my job. I was fortunate that I could afford to put my son in a top-notch day care facility, one that he and I both loved. The day care had a very low ratio of babie...Why is it so important to companies that everyone work in the same place at the same time?

If Money Doesn't Buy Happiness, What Does?

About seven years ago, I was laid off from my job. I was a marketing director at a well-known corporation, and, after a wonderful career there, I ended up with a boss I didn't like who didn't like me back. I'll never forget the day he invited me u...About seven years ago, I was laid off from my job...

Work and Parenting: The Painful Pull Between Them

Last week, my kids were off for five days for winter break. A month from now, they'll be off for another five days for spring break. And today and tomorrow, they have half days. For a country that's got some problems in the education department, t...Why am I so freaked out by the fact that I only have three hours to work today and that I have no plans for the kids?

Let Go of Being the Perfect Mom With the Perfect Life

I participated in a Twitter chat this week in which the topic was "the perfect mother." I can feel you cringing already. More than a few moms, in the process of this chat, mentioned that the blogs of other moms often make them feel bad about t...I do my thing. I try to be the best I can be, and stop freaking myself out over my imperfections. I'm actually starting to like not being perfect, or even trying.

Need a Reason to Slow Down? Try Running Over Your Kid's Foot

We arrive at school every day at about 8 a.m. and slink along the car line. As we pull up to the front door, my 9-year-old son hops out. I look back and tell him to have a great day, and my daughter starts yelling "I love you, I love you" as he tries...Sometimes it takes an accident to shake us out of our robotic daily routine.

Parenting Out Loud In the Age of the Internet (and Ignoring the Trolls)

I love living in this age. I can't imagine what it must have been like to live in the time when it took weeks to get news or a return letter from someone. It must have been so isolating to be able to talk to so few so rarely. Today women who have ...This mom takes on expressing her feelings on the web despite negative feedback from readers.


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