Having Bipolar Parents Can Be (Who Knew?) Stressful

Imagine dealing with the vacillations and contradictions of someone else's bipolar disorder when you're a kid. Credit: Getty Images Parents can be stressful. They're really annoying and they go about saying stupid and embarrassing thin...Researchers measure stress levels in children of bipolar parents.

Video Gamers: The Overeating Defenders of the Universe

Killing aliens makes a kid hungry. Credit: Corbis
Space aliens have invaded Earth, demanding we have their dress shirts cleaned and pressed by Tuesday or face the consequences.
Now, the only thing that stands between humanity and an...
Research finds gamers pack away the pounds while blowing away the aliens.

Teenage Girls Continue to 'Fake 'n' Bake' Despite Health Warnings

Teens continue to tan despite health risks. Credit: MTC
Ask Snooki from "Jersey Shore." She knows.
There's nothing like that pre-cancerous glow to say, "Hey, boys, I'm young and sexy. Love me now before my skin turns to beef jerky, ...
Teens still use indoor tanning beds despite all the warnings.

Season in Which Babies Are Born Could Affect Everything From Allergies to Anorexia, Study Shows

The season in which a child is born could affect health long-term, research shows. Credit: Getty Images Expecting a spring baby? Your child is more likely to suffer from anorexia. Baby coming in the fall? Food allergies could crop up. ...Winter, spring, summer or fall? Season your child is born in could have health implications.

More Sleep Linked to Growth Spurts in Babies, Study Finds

Watch a video on baby sleep patterns.
More sleep for babies means more growth, study shows. Credit: Getty Images
Wonder why your newborn is suddenly sleeping longer? No big deal -- she's just busy growing.
A new study, published t...
Extra sleep was significantly linked to growth spurts in body length.

Parenting an ADHD Child, Age by Age

Watch a video on treating ADHD.
The benefits of following some tried-and-true parenting techniques can provide you with even greater rewards. Credit: Getty Images Establishing good parenting skills, educating yourself and advocating ...
Establishing good parenting skills, educating yourself, and advocating for your child are the most important tools for successfully raising your ADHD child.

Can What You Eat During Pregnancy Make Your Baby Fat?

Watch a video on what to eat during pregnancy.
A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter the DNA of her child. Credit: Keith Brofsky, Getty Images Moms who pack on the pounds during pregnancy aren't the only ones ...
Craving chocolate during pregnancy? You might want to read this study before you dive in.

Dr. Mom Shouldn't Be the One Diagnosing Sports Injuries

Watch a video on how to avoid children's sports injuries.
Leave it to the real doctors, Dr. Mom! Credit: Corbis Can you move your arm? Then it's not broken. Can you count how many fingers someone is holding up? Then you don't have ...
Survey: Parents admit they don't know enough about sports-related injuries.

10 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Watch a video on recognizing signs of ADHD.
What are the warning signs of ADHD? Credit: Getty Images Are you alarmed that your daughter constantly misplaces schoolwork and other vital items? Does your son's inattention when you sha...
How do you distinguish between normal kid behaviors and those that indicate your child may have ADHD?

Pregnant Moms Who Exercise Help Baby's Heart, Too, Study Finds

Watch a video on exercising during pregnancy!
Pregnant moms who exercise deliver healthier babies, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Images Not too long ago, it was considered healthy for pregnant moms to take a break from the gym a...
Exercise will pump you up, but it also pumps up your baby.

Low Vitamin D Levels May Not Be Behind Unexplained Bone Fractures in Infants

Watch video on the importance of vitamin D.
Vitamin D is essential for building strong bones and teeth in infants. Credit: Getty Images "I didn't bust the guy's jaw, your honor, honest. He must have them there, whaddya call 'em, vi...
Suspicious eyes may be turning back to child abuse.

Explaining ADHD to Others

Credit: Getty Images Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder -- like when your child has a meltdown in the supermarket checkout line -- are not easily understood. You know that it's all part of th...Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder-- like when your child has a meltdown in the supermarket checkout line--are not easily understood.

Researchers Find Link Between Kids With Migraines, Heart Defect

Studies show a link between migranes and heart defects. Credit: Getty Images Children who suffer certain types of migraine headaches may have a common congenital heart defect. According to U.S. News & World Report, researchers...Study offers help for migraine sufferers.

Picky Eaters? The Sneaky Chef Offers Tips to Get Your Kids to Try Healthy Foods

Mac N Cheese Muffins from The Sneaky Chef. Credit: Photograph © Jerry Errico As The Sneaky Chef, Missy Chase Lapine has spent years perfecting hundreds of recipes for foods kids love -- only sneakily fortified with hi...Just sneak in a few superfoods to get kids to eat their veggies.

Bedwetting More Common in Boys Than Girls, Study Shows

Boys are twice as likely to wet the bed. Credit: Getty Images
Bedwetting is one of those anxiety-producing, embarrassing situations most kids and parents just don't want to talk about.
But, if you've got a son in grade school, you m...
New findings suggest boys are twice as likely to wet the bed.


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