William and Catherine: Behind the Royal Wedding Names

Take a look back at William and Kate's 10-year romance!
The royal couple. Credit: Mario Testino, Associated Press In honor of the royal wedding, we offer an in-depth look at William and Catherine, two of today's most popular classic ...
Willam and Catherine will now go down in history as two names paired together.

How to Choose a Great Middle Name

No sooner had we declared the death of such old-style middle names as Ann, John and Marie -- mere connective tissue between the first name and the last -- than we started seeing the rise of a whole new generation of undistinguished middle names. T...Don't stick your baby with a bland, boring middle name.

Wildest Wildflower Baby Names for Spring

With the coming of spring, many prospective parents' fancies turn to thoughts of flower baby name possibilities. What's new and interesting right now is that they're moving beyond the popular common garden varieties like Lily and Daisy, the ubiquitou...April showers bring May flowers -- and floral-sounding baby names.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Newbie Baby Namers Make

There are few things more thrilling in life than having your first baby. But newbie baby namers are prone to making some mistakes that more experienced name choosers are able to avoid. If you're choosing a baby name for the first time, don't make ...Naming your first child? The rules may have changed since you were a kid.

Nostalgic 'Nickname' Names Make a Comeback

The Brits are often a little ahead of us when it comes to baby name trends, and they were the first to start reviving old-fashioned, Victorian-era "nickname" names, especially for girls. On the current British popularity list of girls' names, for ...These names haven't been heard in generations.

Baby Names That Will Make Your Child an 'A' Student

Watch A Related Video to This Article Want your newborn to pursue a path to Harvard? Hoping to set her up for a school career of top grades and academic success? Then forget the in utero symphonies and infant flash cards and give her a name that...Want your child to earn straights As? Give her a name that starts with that letter.

Irish Names for Modern Babies

Lots of Americans have Irish grandmothers named Bridget and Grandpa Patricks, moms named Eileen or Kathleen, uncles or dads called Sean. But now, in time for St. Patrick's Day, there's a new generation of Irish names. With deep Gaelic roots, these...Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here's a new generation of Irish names.


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