SmackDown: Should Body Piercings Be Allowed in School?

Is a nose-piercing enough to get suspended from school? Credit: Christopher Healy
The School Should Stick Its Piercing Rules in a Hole. by Jessica Samakow You're entitled to believe anything you want, as long as we agree w...
Two reporters debate the fine points of a school-dress code.

SmackDown: Should a Kid Be Allowed to Scream at a Restaurant?

Do you want to sit near this baby at a restaurant? Credit: jupiterimages
Scream at Home, Kid. by Jessica Samakow There's nothing that can ruin a good dish of penne a la vodka more than a side of screaming child. We'v...
Yes, or no? Our reporters debate the issue. Feel free to scream at them yourself.

SmackDown: Would You Homeschool Your Kids?

Illustration by Christopher Healy
I was Homeschooled, and So Are My Kids. by Crystal Paine There is overwhelming evidence that the majority of home-schooled students are thriving -- they score high on standardized tests and...
Would You Two mommies battle over the questions, 'Would You Homeschool Your Kids?'

SmackDown: Should Kids Wear Skinny Jeans?

Are skinny jeans for kids a denim do or don't? Illustration by Christopher Healy
Skinny Jeans for Kids Aren't Cool. by Amy Hatch Last time I checked, my daughter's back-to-school shopping list didn't include "items that can...
Two moms who argue over the fashion of skinny jeans for kids.

SmackDown: Can A Cheating Spouse Still Be A Good Parent?

Lipstick on you collar: Two moms duke it out on whether or not cheaters can be good parents. Credit: jupiterimages
Cheaters Are Only Fooling Themselves. by Amy Hatch If you can't be counted on to maintain your loyalty to ...
Cheater? Are they still a good parent? Two bloggers duke it out.

SmackDown: If Your Drunken, College-Age Daughter Goes Back to a Guy's Room, Does it Indicate That She Wants Sex?

Who's held accountable for drunken sex? Credit: Getty Images
Stop Saying Women Asked to be Raped. by Amy Hatch The debate over date rape is raging again, thanks to a provocative column by a student journalist at American U...
Are college-aged girls asking to be raped? Which side do you take?

SmackDown: Should a Lesbian's Child be Kicked Out of Catholic School?

Catholic School is No Place for Kids With Gay Parents. by Rachel Campos-Duffy The decision by the Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Boulder, Colo. and the Archdiocese of Denver not to re-enroll the preschool child of two lesbian mothers i...* Are catholic schools only for kids belonging to straight parents?

SmackDown: Did Air Traffic Dad Really Do Anything So Wrong?

Two dads duke it out over whether or not Airport Dad should be given a time out. Whose side are you on? Credit: Getty Images
Airport Dad Was Wrong. by Brett Singer Some people don't mind that an air traffic controller all...
Two dads duke it out over whether or not Airport Dad should be given a time out. Whose side are you on?

SmackDown: Should Parents Bring Babies Into a Bar?

ParentDish says it's fine to bring baby to the bar, Lemondrop says it's not. Whose side are you on? Credit: Evening Standard / Getty Images
No cheers with your child. by Julieanne Smolinski In a recent New York Times op-e...
Say what? A baby in a bar? Is that so wack?

SmackDown: Jon or Kate for Parent of the Year?

The Gosselin's split has been bitter and public. Whose side are you on? Credit: COP / BuzzFoto / FilmMagic
Reality Check: Kate Gosselin is a Good Mom by Susan Avery Kate Gosselin is not c...
The Gosselin's split has been bitter and public. Whose side are you on?


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