Many Kids Stop - Whoa, Dude! - Showering After Gym Class

Teens can shower if they want to. But they'll leave their odor behind. Credit: Getty Does your kid come home smelling like he's got a dead squirrel tucked in his armpit? Do you run to the laundry hamper and inhale a week-old gym sock...Roses are red. Violets are blue. Please shower after gym because, really, P.U.!

Mother of 13-Year-Old Who Committed Suicide Urges Schools to Prevent Bullying

After years of enduring anti-gay harassment at school, Seth Walsh, 13, hanged himself from a plum tree in his family's back yard. For years, Seth's mother, Wendy Walsh, tried to get Tehachapi, Calif., school district officials to do something ...A mother reads her son's suicide note and describes the unbearable harassment at school that contributed to his death.

Lesbian Student, ACLU Steps on School's Toes Over Dance Issue

All Constance McMillen wants is a night to remember. Photo courtesy of Constance McMillen.
Constance McMillen, like a lot of 18-year-old high school girls, is excited about going to the prom. There's only one problem. She wants to take her g...

Teacher Asked To Apologize Over Pledge Of Allegiance Controversy

A teacher had school police escort a Maryland middle school student from her classroom when she refused to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance. However, the school says she is within her rights not to stand, and now the student's mother wants an...

Obama is a bad word at some Mississippi schools

(Ban the president-elect? Click the photo to see More Stupid Things Banned by Schools) For the past few days, everywhere I go I hear people talking about our new President-Elect Barack Obama. The overwhelming majority of these overheard conversat...

Florida Principal not so much a pal

It cost the school district over $300,000 in legal fees, sent teachers to sensitivity training, and trampled the constitutional rights of students, and yet, many in the Florida community of Ponce de Leon still support principal David Davis' "witch hu...

Court upholds school uniforms

Kimberly Jacobs went to school in a shirt bearing symbols of her religious beliefs. Actually, she did it several times -- enough to be suspended five times. Jacobs attended Liberty High School near Las Vegas, Nevada which requires that students wear ...

Man sues to take wife's name

After getting married, many women take their husband's last name. Other women hang on to their own name, or hyphenate to make a new, combined surname. It's unusual, however, to find a man who adopts his new wife's name as his own. Still, it's possibl...

Tigger socks cost school $95,000

Remember the high school kid who got in trouble for wearing Tigger socks on the first day of school last year? Apparently, this expression of individualism went against the Redwood Middle School dress code, which stipulates that, among other restrict...

Abstinence-only sex ed programs pretty much lying about condom info

Despite the fact that the government spends $176 million a year on programs that "educate" kids with the idea that sex is only safe for straight married people, numerous studies have shown that these initiatives have been overwhelmingly ineffective. ...

School sued over Winnie the Pooh socks

Toni Kay Scott, a 14-year-old student at Redwood Middle School, is a rebel. Instead of sticking to the school's dress policy requiring students to wear cotton, twill or chino (no denim), in solid blue, white, green, yellow, khaki, gray, brown or blac...

School sued for church graduation ceremony

Yet another school is being sued for mixing public school and religion. West Side High School in New Jersey held their graduation ceremonies in a Baptist church, and now they're being sued by the ACLU. The civil liberties organization say the decisio...

Students wear Hitler youth buttons, claim free speech

Students at a New Jersey middle school have been wearing Hitler youth buttons in protest of mandatory school uniforms. After being threatened with suspension, the boys stopped wearing the buttons, but their parents have filed a lawsuit against the sc...


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