Kids Answer: What Do Parents Really Do at Work?

On April 28, AOL celebrated National Take Your Child to Work Day in a big way to show kids that work is not just a mythical place where people in suits type on computers all day (OK, so maybe it is that type of place). We unleashed 7-year-old repo...Our 7-year-old adorable reporter asks kids what they think their parents do at work. The answers are hilarious!

Tell Us Your AOL Story

How has AOL impacted your life? Credit: AOL
Do you have an AOL story to share? Tell us! Do you know someone who lives in a remote or rural area that stays connected through AOL? What about a young person who is using the new AOL in an inn...

AOL Great Place For Working Moms (We don't wanna brag, but...)

If we're blushing today, it's for good reason -- AOL was included on the Working Mother 100 Best Companies 2009 list. While we normally don't like to toot our own horn, we're setting modesty aside to tell you just why Working Mother magazine t...

Does birth order affect relationships?

A recent article regarding birth order and relationships on AOL's Personals site got me thinking of a conversation I'd recently had with my mother. We were talking about how many kids I wanted (I have one with another one on the way). I'd said ideal...


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