Advanced Placement 

Guess What? Taking AP Exams Just Got Easier

Guessing is OK now, but you still need a No. 2 pencil. Credit: jupiterimages
Ah, we remember our Advanced Placement examinations well -- the No. 2 pencils, the cold sweats, the anxiety. But now, college-bound high school students can rest at le...

Scores Down As More Kids Take Advanced Placement Tests

Advanced Placement test scores are down. Credit: sigmaman, Flickr
Last year saw a record number of students taking the Advanced Placement test. But as more kids are taking the test, more kids are failing it -- especially in the South. An an...

New York offers cash incentives for students who pass tests

If students are expected to treat school as their work, it stands to reason that they then be compensated for a job well done. In academics, good work is reflected by good grades or test scores and in New York, kids are getting paid up to a thousand ...

Should we pay teens to take advanced high school courses?

High school students participating in a pilot program in South Dakota get this deal: pass an advanced placement (AP) exam, and earn 100 bucks. The program, supported by a grant from the National Science and Math Initiative, is designed to let rural s...

The best public high schools

Here's a list of the 1,200 best public high schools in the US. I'm not sure how useful this list is, though; I'm not moving to Texas just so my kids can attend #1 or #2. I will note that, while it's no surprise that our Lowell is listed pretty high (...


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