Corporal punishment alive and well in the U.S.

Don't mess with Texas, they say, and that's especially true if you're a student in that particular state. The Human Rights Watch and the ACLU recently released a report on corporal punishment in the United States. They found that 25% of the reported ...

Did lightning strike with Don Imus?

As a person, you know that some people never learn. You see and hear this fact every day. As a parent, you will, at some point, no doubt be forced to share this delightful bit of information with your children, even as you try to teach them to be p...

How does an anti-male feminist raise a boy?

Debra J. Dickerson, a self-proclaimed feminist who didn't "much like those of the male gender," has an interesting article on today. In it, she explores how to raise her son without either "castrating" him or becoming an "ovo-hypocrite" --...


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