Laurie David Talks About Her New Book, 'The Family Dinner'

Laurie David gives tips for connecting with your kids in "The Family Dinner." Credit: Amazon One of the best things about the work I do with parents and children is when I discover a kindred spirit, someone whose sensibilities and comm...The co-producer of "An Inconvenient Truth" is tackling another tough topic: Getting families together for dinner.

Are you an eco mom?

Green living starts at home. At least it does for a growing number of women who are considered "green moms" or "EcoMoms." These women are taking the future of the planet--the one their children shall inherit--personally. And, frankly, from the looks...

Are your kids pressuring you to go green?

One day last year, Ellie came home from school with a paper bag decorated for Earth Day. She insisted that every piece of recyclable trash be put into this bag and then properly disposed of. Up to that point, we hadn't been doing a very good job of r...

Al Gore's message inspiring a younger generation

I am always thrilled when something other than skateboards, Hannah Montana or Teletubbies grips my kids. Our uber consumer society saddens me when I see how excited my kids are to get something when they already have a million other things. A couple ...

Sarah Gore marries

Think you've had a busy summer? Take a look at how the Al Gore family spent the first two weeks of July: Grandson's birthday (Wyatt, on July 4th) Son was arrested (July 5th) Organized a worldwide concert to save the plane (July 7th) ...

Al Gore III in trouble for speeding and drugs

It must be hard to be the child of a public person. Not only does everybody know who your parent is, you likely feel the pressure to live up to that image. And if you are not able to follow in the footsteps of your famous parent, many people know. In...


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