Is It Possible to Avoid the Princess Phase?

Down with Cinderella! My twins aren't even three years old, and I'm already sick of that girly triumvirate that seems impossible to escape when you are raising girls: The Princess/Barbie/Pink matrix. Toys 'R' Us has entire aisles devoted to Disney...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Saturday November 18

Woo hoo! My first sleepover post! So where am I lurking these days? Andrea of Beanie Baby has been lobbying for diversity in the blogosphere. As a mother to the inimitable Frances, (who happens to have a form of dwarfism) Andrea worries that many of ...

Author researches mom's past online

When John Dickerson's mother, Nancy, died nine years ago, he began piecing her life together in an effort to find out who she really was. After all, how many of really know/knew our parents? As a renowned journalist in the 50s and 60s, Nancy Dickerso...


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