Autism Support Services Underused by Young Adults, Survey Finds

There appears to be a big drop off in the use of services for young adults with autism after they graduate from high school. Credit: John Dowland, Getty Images
If your child has been identified as having an autism...
The use of these autism support services by young adults with spectrum disorders appears to decline after high school, according to a new report.

Voice Recordings May Help Identify Autism, Study Says

New technology that analyzes recordings of children's voices may be able to help diagnose autism, a recent study shows. The Language Environment Analysis (LENA) system is attached to children's clothing and records sounds they make in a day. Re...

Autism: Real Epidemic or Trendy Diagnosis

The number of children diagnosed with autism may change education. Credit: eyewire
More than one in every 100 American children has autism, according to a government report released Monday. Or do they? Their parents believe they do. And belief...

Doctor Who Linked Autism and Vaccines Faked Data

In 1998, the medical journal The Lancet published a paper that claimed there was a clear link between the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella) and autism. As a result, parents of autistic children began clamoring for changes in the vaccines and ...

Do Bad Manners Indicate Developmental Issues or Just Bad Parenting?

Does your pediatrician ever discuss your child's manners with you? My son, who is 21 months, has not been the subject of such a discussion but will be soon. He is nearly two, prime time to really start teaching him some manners; up to now we've been ...

Would you, should you tell a friend?

I recently attended a party for one of my son's friends, and found myself slipping into teacher mode as I watched a particular little boy interact with the other kiddos there. In my opinion, this child was likely on the autism spectrum, exhibiting ...


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