Jamie Lynn finds teenage motherhood "so much fun"

OK! magazine, the publication that Jamie Lynn Spears revealed her pregnancy at sixteen years old, features the teen mom and three-week-old Maddie Briann on their cover this week. And in spite of troubling reports of teenage pregnancy pacts and the ef...

Baby Borrowers: What about the babies?

I've never been much of a fan of reality TV. Putting ordinary people (who are always prettier or meaner or whinier than anyone person I've ever met) in weird circumstances to show what happens just isn't entertaining to me. I've got kids, I deal with...

The Baby Borrowers fights teen pregnancy

Lately I have been a little concerned about what seems to me to be the mainstreaming of teen pregnancy. Maybe it's just me, but movies like Juno and television shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager make getting pregnant in high school s...

New reality show features teens babysitting infants

Reality television has truly crossed a line of decency. First there was the CBS show "Kid Nation", that despite not yet being released, has created all sorts of drama regarding child labor laws and child safety while 40 children were left to their ow...

Would you lend your baby to a teenager for practice?

Teen pregnancy stats in the UK are on the rise. Never ones to miss an opportunity to turn the tragic into blockbuster success, the BBC have created a reality series called The Baby Borrowers. Branded as "a unique social experiment," the show revolves...


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