Baby Perfume: Stinks or Sellable?

Perfume -- for the baby? Credit: Dr. Robot, Flickr
We all know that kids can stink. But now a new product, Love, Chic Baby, can help spare your nose from inhaling their noxious scent. Love, Chic Baby is cologne and perfume for babies. The comp...

Baby walkers - Product Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 800 Baby Walkers due to the fact that they violate the voluntary standard regarding width and can fit through a standard doorway. Also, they are not designed to stop at the...

Jenny McCarthy's "Too Good" line of non-toxic baby goods

Besides being an actress, Jenny McCarthy is probably best well known for her autism advocacy, especially her controversial stance on vaccinations. But her concerns over children's health doesn't stop at shots. She's also worried about toxins in the e...

Proceed with caution: Phthalates in baby products

That pink -bottled baby lotion may make your little one smell good enough to gobble all over, but new research shows that it can also expose him to a group of chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates are used to make plastics flexible and are found in...

Online auction for baby/kid items

If you have kids, you already know it means a lot of hugs, late nights, and piles of like-new stuff that no longer fits, is needed, or is of interest any longer. Instead of letting kid crap take over your basement and ooze a trail of clutter up the...

Organic lavender products for baby

Mipmup is good for the world: she is environmentally conscious, and strives to make purchases that are fair and good. When I had Nolan, she arranged and participated in a "virtual shower" for me.  That's another post in itself, but I wanted to h...


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