Sprouty New Age Medicine, Like, Totally Risky for Kids, Study Shows

Alternative medicine used on children can have negative effects, a new study shows. Credit: Getty You know that guy down at the food co-op, the one wearing a tie-dye shirt, dreadlocks and a badge that reads, "Hello, my name is Moonbe...Side effects of medicinal herbs and vitamins not always groovy.

People Would Be Nicer If They Got More Cuddling and Breast Milk, Study Says

Know what Atilla the Hun's problem was? Not enough breast milk when he was in kindergarten. Plus, he never got the parental attention he deserved. That Atilla was left alone to rant and rave in his crib without anyone picking him up and say...Would you breast feed your child when she's 5? This researcher says you probably should.


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