Too Cute: Faux Shoe Socks for Babies

With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up. Credit: Trumpette If you're looking for a super cute baby gift, Trumpette's socks are a must-buy. With dozens of faux-shoe desi...With so many fabulous styles to choose from, you'll wish you had more little feet to dress up.

Carry On

Pretty as a peacock. Credit: Serena & Lily
Keep your baby close and comforted while you're on the go with Serena & Lily's Peacock Market Sling. Even better? It also can help maintain privacy while nursing. Made from one seamless piec...

New Baby Gifts for Dads

Dads deserve baby gifts, too. Credit: Getty
New baby gifts for moms are no-brainers. Snap up an adorable diaper bag or a pretty baby sling and you're golden. But while there's no shortage of great ideas for new baby gifts for mothers, what ab...

Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake isn't really a cake at all. It's made up of dozens of disposable or cloth diapers, layered in such a way that the finished product resembles a tall, white wedding cake. Diaper cakes range from the simple to the elaborate. Rolled up d...

Shower baby with books

It's not unusual for expectant mothers to be given more than one baby shower in anticipation of a new arrival, which can quickly translate into more onesies or outfits than any one child could ever use. One way to keep a clothing avalanche (and the r...

Make your own nursing bracelet

I can't remember exactly what method I used to keep track of my girls' feedings when they were nursing. I've got vague recollections of a safety pin, and it's possible for one of them (probably my second, as I was a total wreck those early weeks), I ...

Virtual shower favourites

A very nice Internet friend threw me an Online Baby Shower when Nolan was just newborn, and that's a crazy and wonderful post in itself.  I received all kinds of original and thoughtful gifts from all around the world, and a couple of my favorit...


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