Dental Care for Kids Needs to Begin With Baby Teeth, Study Shows

Open wide, little one! Credit: Getty
It may seem painfully obvious, but a new study shows preventative dental care for kids and regular brushing can reduce the risk of cavities.
What makes this study out of the University of North C...
Researchers say you're never too young for dental hygiene.

Tooth fairy affected by bad economy

(Is money tight? Click on the photo to see our 5 Simple Tips for Saving Cash) The economy is bad these days, and budgets are tight. Everyone is cutting back on extras -- for families of small kids, this can mean an end to take out food, new toys, ...

Tooth Fairy feels the pinch of inflation

When it comes to inflation, even the Tooth Fairy isn't immune. A recent poll of just under 700 parents found that the average amount paid per tooth has risen from $1.71 last year to $2.09 this year. Most parents report putting $1 under their child's ...

What to do with a very loose tooth

Ellie came home from school one day last week with a dangling tooth. It had been a little wiggly for weeks, but a snack-time apple wrenched it almost completely out of her mouth. But not quite. The tooth was hanging by a thread, easily pushed to a co...

Good news and bad news at the dentist

I've been spending an awful lot of time in the dentist's chair lately. An old root canal went bad, another tooth needed a crown and my wisdom teeth had to come out. All in all, it's been a painful and expensive year for my mouth. On my last visit, I...

A beautiful way to preserve your child's lost teeth

The excitement of losing baby teeth is definitely one of the highlights of childhood. There is a certain kind of magic to falling asleep and awaking to find money under the pillow. But keeping track of all those many lost teeth can be hard for a pare...

Teething and the power of oxytocin

He's drooling... he must be teething! Fevers? He's probably teething. Oh, look at your baby chomp on those toys! He's surely teething. I've been listening to the old, and not-so-old, wives for pretty much the whole eight-some months of Truman's life....


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