Customized Yoga Mats Will Inspire You to Work Out

Be it beach scene, or yoga-posing bears, Yogamatic's custom mats help get you moving. Credit:
We hate to tell you this, but that baby weight? It ain't going away by itself. Even if you're one of the genetically blessed who manage...
Customized yoga mats make holding those poses much more fun.

Acupuncture and Pregnancy?

Being pregnant is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It can also be a pain in the--well, it can be a pain in a lot of places. Those of us who've tackled the trail more than once can attest to back problems, leg problems, headaches and swelling places we d...

Trying to take off the baby weight? Keep a food journal

I wish I could blame my extra padding on my kids. Can pregnancy make you gain wait before you've even conceived? No? It's my own fault then. Maggie over at That's Fit wrote a post about a recent study that found that people who keep a food diary lose...

New-mom body issues

Clicking over to Baby Center's latest, a new-mom body survey, I had to pause after the first sentence: "Gone are the days when the postpartum period meant throwing on a baggy sweatshirt and forgetting about your body for a while." What? Really? ...

The new post-pregnancy eating plan (sucks)

Deli Rye Triscuits with havarti cheese. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Curly fries. Homemade banana smoothies. Cheetos. Annie's enchiladas. Krispy Kreme donuts. Venti vanilla lattes with whole milk. Blackberry scones. Chocolate chip cookies fresh...

Because sleep deprivation isn't miserable enough on its own

I wouldn't say I'm on a diet, exactly, but I'm going through the process of changing my pregnancy eating habits -- which can best be described as "if it contains fat, salt, sugar, or preferably all three at the same time, eat until maternity pants se...

Weighing in on baby scales

Now that Tom Cruise shelled out for that fancy sonogram machine, everyone and their monkey will be making domestic versions of equipment normally reserved for doctor's offices and hospitals. Daysitter, the new blog from Cookie Magazine, is promoting ...

Researchers hope to prevent obesity among teen mothers

Researchers at St. Louis University School of Public Health hope to help create a program that will help teen mothers lose weight gained during pregnancy. The school's Obesity Prevention Center has received a $3.5 million grant from the National Canc...


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