More Mothers Are Returning to Work

With families finding it harder than ever to make end's meet, many SAHMs are returning to work sooner than they would like. The kids are alright, but moms are struggling. I always knew that being a full-time mommy was a temp job. From day one, new...

Pregnancy dreams

I remember the last time I was pregnant. I had dreams, strange dreams. Nothing like I'd read about--giving birth to different kinds of animals, that sort of thing. The dreams were less symbolic than I'd expected; they were like my regular dreams, ...

Daycare dilemma: Should I stay or should I go?

These days, it's an age-old question: Should I go back to work or stay home with my baby? Many women, and many women I know personally, face this very conundrum even before they get pregnant. Many of us have very different ideas of how things wil...


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