Parent (Bleep)ing Mad Over Homework With Bad Words

Connecticut parents are outraged when offensive words appear on their kids' homework. Credit: Getty Images You might say a parent in Greenwich, Conn., is (bleep)ing mad and thinks local school officials ought to g...Homework on controversial literature proves, uh, controversial.

New York Parents Fit to be Tied Over Racy Homework Assignment

Sex, drugs, swearing ... it's all in a day's homework. Credit: Getty Images
Maybe parents in New York City ought to save themselves some time and set their dials to permanent sputter.
Moral outrage abounds these days. Last month,...
A substitute teacher in Queens junked a planned reading assignment for a racy novel, "The Rules of Attraction" by Bret Easton Ellis. Parental outrage abounds.

South Dakota Middle Schools Pull Graphic Novel

Credit: Amazon
A school board in South Dakota voted to pull a graphic novel targeted at middle-schoolers from its library shelves, giving teachers access to the book but not students.
Students at two Sioux Falls, S.D. middle schools will no ...

Summer Reading - Should 'Part-Time Indian' be Banned?

Some Chicago parents think this book should be banned. Image:
When I was 13, I spent my summer rereading V.C. Andrews books -- they weren't great literature, more like junk food for the brain, so to speak. So it always surprises m...

Banned Book Week starts September 26th

When I was a sophomore in high school, my 70-year-old literature teacher sat down on the edge of her desk, curled her fingers -- ruined by years of arthritis -- together and stared at us all. Then she swore -- one very bad word (to us), very loud and...

Judy Blume talks about her banned books

It's the mid-80s, and four or five freshman girls are standing huddled in the center of the mall, near the bookstore. Why? They want to read Judy Blume's Forever, but the rumor is the store manager will kick you out just for asking. Finally, the fear...


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