Aura Cacia Clearing Foam Bath for Kids

Soothe your child's stuffy nose with a calming eucalyptus bath. Credit: Amazon With over-the-counter children's cough and cold medicines coming under major scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration, many parents are searching fo...Soothe your child's stuffy nose with a calming eucalyptus bath.

Bathtub Injuries - 43,000 Tots Treated Each Year

Toddlers get hurt falling down in the bathtub. Photo:
Babyproofers beware: Drowning isn't the only hazard to be aware of in the bathtub -- 43,000 kids a year are treated in emergency rooms after slipping or falling an a tub or shower. A...

Bathroom Cameras a Good Thing, Says School

Someone installs cameras in the school bathrooms, hoping to catch teenage girls involved in some "horseplay." Sounds like it's time to call the police, yes? Or Joe Francis. But wait, not only is the school well aware of the situation, it put them the...

The upside of no longer being pregnant

Many women get depressed over the fact that they are no longer pregnant. They miss having a baby tucked warmly, safely away inside of them. Some believe that post-partum depression in part derives from this feeling. But, I can personally attest, the...

How often to bathe kids?

One of the things I love about ParentDish is the questions that sometimes arise from the discussions that go on in the comments. Take, for example, the comments regarding a recent post I did about showering the kids. Just how often do kids need to be...

Extra squeaky clean

Showering the kids in the morning is a pain in the tuckus. I have to get them in there, wash their hair, wash their bodies, make sure they brush their teeth, and so on. For Sara, I also have to put conditioner in her hair and comb out the tangles. So...

Bathtub or baby blender?

A new style of infant bathtub from the Netherlands is generating a fair bit of buzz on the internet. The idea is to mimic the position the baby was in when inside the womb. It also provides better water coverage -- everything below the neck is underw...

Celestial streams

Last night, Jared and Sara were in the bathtub together, more to play than to wash. They have about a gazillion toys, including cups, boats, and rubber bath toys. I was in the bathroom with them but, truth be told, wasn't paying all that much attenti...

How to wet your hair in the shower -- the Jared method

Sure, you could wet your hair the old fashioned way -- by standing under the shower, but where's the style in that? The savoir faire? The panache? No, the sophisticated man-about-town does it with a lot more class than that. He uses the Jared method....

The Baby Bath Gate

If your children are anything like my son, you're used to playing the "don't touch that" game while in the bath tub. One enterprising mom got tired of her child trying to touch the hot faucet, which resulted in a chipped tooth, and decided to do some...

What do you do with a "floater?"

Ahh, the joys of parenting. One minute, you're giving little LuLu a bath and the next you've come face to face with a floater. The first time this happened to my family, I recoiled in horror. What? Is that poop? Yes it was. Later on...


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