Best of Blog Awards: Mommy blog finalists announced

Finally, the finalists! The BOB mom blog finalists were announced yesterday. Over 300 people commented to nominate their favorite mom blog reads. This is a category near and dear to my heart since, well, I am a mommy blogger. There are so many mothe...

Best of Blog Awards: Fertility and adoption blog finalists announced

Forty-two people commented on the Best of Blog site to nominate their favorite Adoption or Fertility Blog. One of the BOB organizers commented that "these blogs are as much inspiration as they are about fertility and adoption. Here are the final...

Best of Blog Awards: Daddy blog finalists announced

They're in—the daddy blog finalists for the Second Annual Best of Blog Awards. The site received 106 comments from people nominating their favorites. The nominees have all been thoroughly reviewed and have been whittled down to 10 finalists. Wi...


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