'Supersize' Families: The Joy of Having 8-Plus Kids

As a mother of eight, Michele Rusden says her calendar is key. Credit: Michele Rusden
When Melina Cummings, 37, of Montgomery County, Md., had her first child, she was overwhelmed. Three children later, she decided she was done having babies an...

Big families are better

I grew up in a larger-than-average family, by today's standards, and I have to say I've always felt that big families were better for the kids than smaller ones, even as I worry about the effects of over-population. Cassandra Jardine, a British mothe...

Want to live to 100? Father more kids

Ever heard someone say that their kids "keep them young?" Apparently that's true -- literally. A new study found that fathering a number of offspring is part of the formula for living past 100. At first, this doesn't seem to make sense. After all, l...

101 grandchildren, and he remembers all of their names

Aleksei Shapoval had a lot of kids. Then his kids all had a lot of kids, and now, at age 72, he's a grandfather more than a hundred times over. Tatiana, Shapoval's 101st grandchild was born this week, giving him 50 granddaughters in addition to his 5...


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