Bilingual Toddlers Reap Cognitive Benefits Over Kids Who Speak Just 1 Language

Teaching your child a second language, such as Spanish, at an early age can improve her cognitive abilities. Credit: Getty
Parlez-vous français? ¿Habla español? Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Speaking a second language g...
Speaking a second language gives toddlers some cognitive advantages.

Flu Shots, Salmonella-Tainted Snacks and Bilingual Kids: News for Canadian Parents

This week's Canadian parenting news bites include a major Ontario child porn bust, a recall of salmonella-tainted snack foods, a study that says kids should be at the front of the queue for flu shots and a way to help your child be bilingual even be...

Jessica Alba Says Her Daughter will be Raised Bilingual

Jessica Alba wants her daughter, Honor, to grow up speaking Spanish because she didn't. Credit: X17online
Celeb mom Jessica Alba says she wishes she'd been raised bilingual and she's making sure her daughter grows up knowing how to speak Spanish....

Bilingual toys and learning aids for kids

Ellie's Montessori school has a fantastic Spanish program. They study year round and show off their language skills at the annual fund raising show where they recite their lines and sing songs entirely in Spanish. At six, Ellie's Spanish skills far s...


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