First Born Kids Get More Mom Time

Hey, all you little brothers and sisters! Looking for ammunition against your parents? It's your lucky day -- a new study out of Brigham Young University shows that first-born kids get as much as 30 minutes more quality face-time with mom and dad tha...

Birth Order Newsflash - The Youngest Gets Away With Everything!

When we had one child, oh, my, what wonderful parents we were. Our little Prince got onto a predictable sleep schedule at three months, ate a wide variety of foods by toddlerhood and said please and thank you at preschool. When he started "acti...

Madonna's Big Move, Adam Sandler, and More - Links We Love

You loaned out your whole maternity wardrobe, but now you're pregnant again. What's the etiquette on asking for maternity hand-me-downs back -- perfectly acceptable or bordering on rude? -- AlphaMom Chocolate shirts? Jeans made out of Easter eggs?...

Moms and dads spend more quality time with firstborn

When my firstborn headed off to preschool this year, I looked forward to some one-on-one time with my two-year-old. Though we spend lots of quality time together as a family, before preschool, time alone with my baby was a rare occurrence. Those firs...

Dealing with sibling rivalry

The spacing of years between my three children is a slightly odd one. Some parents meticulously plan out how many children they will have and, if possible, how far apart they will be born. Not so in our family. My oldest son, Loren, is 14. The middle...

Planning a party for a preschooler

In a little under two weeks my youngest son, Devon, will turn three. Until now I have not had any sorts of parties for him. He drew the short end of the stick as far as birth order and landed up last in line, this means that my zest to create the per...

Are Firstborns Smartest?

I've often wondered whether it were true that birth order has something to do with intelligence.  The theory that I've heard floating around for years is that the first is generally the smartest, the middle the most pliable, and the last born th...

Breaking news: birth order apparently has absolutely no effect on intelligence

For years we've been hearing that where you fall in your family can determine your intelligence -- finally, some evidence to the contrary.  From the New York Times:  a study by Ohio State University, analyzing data on siblings from 3000 fam...


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