Links We Love: Grab Bag Edition

Chug it, dude! Credit: Getty
The kids are out of school and we're busy looking for ways to while the day away without losing our marbles. When we've had a spare minute this week, this is what we've been reading. Enjoy! If you thought your ...

Jennifer Hudson, Bad Parents and Breastfeeding - Links We Love

Do dress codes reveal an unfair double standard?. Image:
Are dress codes biased against girls? One mom -- whose daughter was sent home for shorts that were 1/2 inch too short -- thinks so. -- MomLogic Thanks to Facebook, a mom and her s...

Pacifiers, Melanie Mayron, and Sharing a Sitter - Links We Love

Pregnancy has some strange side effects, that's for sure. Expecting first time mom, Jane, shares 35 surprising things she's learned about pregnancy ... so far. -- His Boys Can Swim Pacifier use is one of those parenting topics that tends to separa...

New Zealand school bans birthday cake

Students at Oteha Valley primary school in New Zealand will have to find another way to celebrate their birthdays on site. The school recently banned birthday cakes due to new government guidelines designed to promote healthy eating. The Ministry ...


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