Parents' Smoking Can Increase Children's Blood Pressure

Secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure in young kids. Credit: Getty Forget about lung cancer causing harm in the distant future. Your smoking may hurt your child before he hits grade school. A new study shows breathing tob...Another reason to quit smoking: You could be giving your young kids high blood pressure.

How much time do you spend with your OBGYN?

Don't worry, I'm not referring to getting coffee. What I mean is, when you go in for a visit, say your annual exam or for a specific reason--like you're pregnant--how much time does your OBGYN spend talking with you? Is it enough? I've read countles...

Do we really need to take our cell phones everywhere?

Do you often wonder if the cell phone is more trouble than it is worth? Sure, it is handy, but do you spend too much time calling someone or waiting for someone to call you? It may cause unnecessary irritability or stress. Your reaction may be simila...

Losing weight: It's a family affair

I went to the doctor recently. I have to go see him once a year or my stupid insurance company doesn't like to refill my medication. Well, the medication makes me happy (literally), and I like my doctor, so I was happy to go. This time, I said, "You ...

Blood pressure medicine doubles birth defects

After writing for Blogging Baby for a little over a month, and reading approximately three thousand and two articles on things that can harm the unborn baby, I am officially freaked out.  If I am lucky enough to ever get pregnant again, I will ...


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