Breast Milk 

When New Mom Can't Breast-Feed, Dozens of Women Help Out

Credit: Getty Images
Eva van Dok Pinkley, a Brooklyn, N.Y., actress and magazine researcher can't breast-feed her newborn because she had a double mastectomy last year.
No matter. The London Daily Mail reports 25 women are pumping a...
Mothers rally around cancer survivor who can't breast-feed because of a double masectomy.

Breast-Feeding Reduces Children's Risk of Asthma

Credit: Getty Images
While women's breasts often make grown men gasp and wheeze, they seem to have the reverse effect on nursing infants.
The Daily Telegraph in London reports babies who are not breast-fed are 50 percent more likely...
Yet another study sings the praises of breast milk.

Breast Milk Tied to Baby's Metabolism

Breast milk lowers blood insulin levels more so than formulas. Credit: Getty Images
If babies can't have breast milk, they need to drink something a lot like it.
The Kansas City Star reports French researchers have found a significa...
Formula should follow certain metabolic profile, say researchers.

Child a Brat? Maybe He Didn't Get Enough Breast Milk

Infants who get regular doses of mother's milk tend to be less bratty children. Credit: Getty Images
The next time someone is rude to you, just shrug it off and think, "Oh well, he probably didn't get enough breast milk."
Breast mil...
Kids surly if they don't get breast milk right from the tap.

Breast Milk May Serve as Personalized Breast Cancer Screen, Study Says

Breast cancer risk can be determined by examining the cells from the breast. Credit: Getty Images
Pumping your breast milk is not only good for baby, it could help detect your risk for breast cancer.
New research suggests breast mil...
Breast milk can uncover the earliest signs of breast cancer.

Why Breast Milk Sharing Is Booming Online

Despite a widespread push to breast-feed, the FDA warns against sharing unregulated breast milk. Credit: Getty Eats on Feets is a Facebook group created in July 2010 by an Arizona midwife as a place where women in need...It's hard to imagine today's safety-obsessed moms feeding their children another woman's milk without comprehensive knowledge of where it came from.

Breast-Feeding Linked to Academic Achievement, Study Finds

New research findings point to breast-feeding as a contributing factor to academic achievement. Credit: Getty
Giving your baby the boob may just keep him from becoming a boob.
Children who are mainly breast-fed for six months or lon...
Breast-feeding your baby for at least six months can lead to higher academic achievement.

Would You Feed Another Woman's Breast Milk to Your Baby?

Can't pump enough breast milk? One mom offered to do it for her pal. Credit: planet_oleary, Flickr Breast-feeding is such an intimate act -- but blogger Taylor Newman shares her story of feeding her baby another woman's breast milk on Parent...
A mom shares her experiences with feeding her son another woman's breast milk.

New York Chef Makes Cheese From His Wife's Breast Milk

This cheese was made from breast milk. No, really. Credit:
To paraphrase a classic nursery rhyme, "The chef takes a wife ... the wife takes a child ... the chef takes the wife's breast milk and makes cheese." ...

Nursing Mothers Send Breast Milk to Ailing Haitian Babies

Georgia Morrow, coordinator for the Grant Medical Mothers' Milk Bank of Ohio, sorts mothers' milk that will be sent to Haiti. Credit: Jeff Hinckley, Columbus Dispatch
Milk from nursing mothers in Ohio and around the country is on its way to nouri...

Choline for Early Development?

Choline is a nutrient similar to Vitamin B that has been found to have a positive effect on early development. The human body produces some choline and it is also found in breast milk, many common foods and is available as a dietary supplement. Ho...

Salma Hayek Shares Her Breast Milk

We all know there are lots of very good reasons to breast feed: Nutrition, bonding and economics, just to name a few. But for some moms, the act of breastfeeding can become a little bit of an addiction, and they are loathe to give it up. Actress Salm...

Breastfeeding Better for Kids' Lungs

According to a new report, children who breastfeed have an edge over those who don't -- at least where their lungs are concerned. Kids who were breastfed for at least four months had stronger lungs than those who were bottle fed. The theory behi...

Pete Wentz Tastes Ashlee Simpson's Breastmilk

I can't decide if this is gross or not. Breast milk is not gross, in and of itself. And I would wager babies don't think it tastes gross, depending on what the mommy had to eat prior to feeding her little one. But--and I do mean BUT--I think it's p...

Breastmilk key ingredient at Swiss restaurant

We all know that "breast is best" when it comes to a baby's first food, but what about after that? Some mothers breastfeed their children for several years. Okay, so that's great if you can do it, but what about adults? Why should grown-ups be denied...


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