Breast-Feeding Impacts a Child's Metabolism, Study Finds

Study finds another benefit to breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images
We know breast milk is the preferred method of feeding a newborn, but here's another benefit to breast-feeding: It could impact your child's metabolism.
A new study...
Breast-fed babies showed lower blood insulin levels than formula-fed newborns.

Small Doses of Vicodin OK for Breast-Feeding Moms, Study Says

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Breast-feeding pain may be eased by small doses of Vicodin, a new study shows. Credit: Getty Breast-feeding may be a healthy and economical way to feed and bond with your baby, but it also can be...
The strong painkiller Vicodin may be safe in smaller doses for women nursing newborns.

Enough With the Breast-feeding Wars!

And we think men are obsessed with breasts? Geez, can we possibly call a time-out on the mom vs. mom breast-feeding wars? The latest skirmish erupted recently when Michelle Obama said she wants to promote breast-feeding, particularly among African...You know what is truly optimal, when it comes to feeding your baby? Whatever works best for you.

Michelle vs. the Michelles: A Breast-Feeding Throwdown

To celebrate the anniversary of her "Let's Move!" anti-obesity campaign, Michelle Obama is talking up the health benefits of breast-feeding and new government incentives that she hopes will encourage more moms to nurse and hopefully, curb childhood...When it comes to breast-feeding, can't we women put down the gloves and work together?

What Makes Kids Fat? Here's the Latest Answer

Feeding babies solid food before 4 months can lead to childhood obesity, a new study says. Credit: Getty Why do kids get fat? What a dumb question. The answer is obvious: lack of sleep. No, that's not right. Kids actually get fat ...New study offers another new explanation for childhood obesity.

Why Breast Milk Sharing Is Booming Online

Despite a widespread push to breast-feed, the FDA warns against sharing unregulated breast milk. Credit: Getty Eats on Feets is a Facebook group created in July 2010 by an Arizona midwife as a place where women in need...It's hard to imagine today's safety-obsessed moms feeding their children another woman's milk without comprehensive knowledge of where it came from.

Surgeon General Says Americans Should Be More Supportive of Breast-Feeding

Tonya Lewis Lee, wife of Spike Lee, is an advocate for breast-feeding. Credit: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
Add breast-feeding to fighting fat, quitting smoking and other advice from America's top doc.
And it's not just for new moms. ...
The surgeon general is calling on employers to encourage breast-feeding mothers.

Not-So-Noble Awards Take Aim at Year's Most Flagrant Scientific Study Fouls

Welcome to the first Naked Data Not-So-Noble Awards, a nod to the year's most notably egregious scientific discoveries foisted upon parents. Over the past 12 months, I'm sorry to report many studies garnered media attention out of proportion to th...Studies on breast-feeding, puberty and autism vaccine deserve to be blasted this year.

Feeding Babies With Formula Could Put Kids at Risk for Obesity

A new study shows baby formula can lead to childhood obesity. Credit: Getty If you're planning on feeding your baby infant formula rather than breast milk, first, get ready for an ugly debate with other new moms and random people who...A new study warns that formula puts kids on a path of obesity.

Obama Gives National Support to Working Moms Who Breast-Feed

Obama is calling for appopriate accommodations for breast-feeding moms to pump at the office. Credit: Getty It's not easy being a working mom who wants to breast-feed and transition back into the workplace. Office spaces rarely are con...Obama asked the federal government to establish new guidelines for all federal employees, no matter their status.

A Good Night's Breast: Does Breast-Feeding Mean Less Sleep?

Don't stoop to infant formula because you think it might get you more sleep. That's what the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization and celebrity-lactivist Gisele Bundchen might like us to take away from a recent study showi...Don't stoop to infant formula because you think it might get you more sleep.

Meet MamAmor, the Doll That Gives Birth

Would you get your kid a doll that gives birth? Credit:
We've seen a lot of dolls here on ParentDish. There was Bebé Glotón, the breast-feeding doll. Then there was the pole-dancing doll. There's also new Barbie Vid...
Not only does the doll "give birth," complete with placenta, but she also breastfeeds.

Breast-Feeding Prompts Bipartisan Moment

My first night in Washington, D.C., for my husband Sean's Congressional Freshman Orientation, involved a lovely reception and dinner in Statuary Hall. It also involved a cocktail dress that made it impossible for me to nurse my 7-month-old baby. A...Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Campos-Duffy might have wildly different political views, but they do share one important bond: Motherhood.

Some Breast-Feeding Moms Risk Osteoporosis

Switching from breast to bottle after a few years could save your bones. Credit: Getty Images
If you're still breast-feeding your 3-year-old, you might want to reconsider. A new study shows that moms who engage in extended breast-feeding, whi...
Breast-feed today, break a hip down the road?

Why Breast-Feeding Makes One Mom Squeamish

Not every mom loves breast-feeding. Credit: Getty Images
I nursed E for a year. Exclusively. Not a single drop of formula ever touched her lips; she was weaned to cow's milk after her first birthday. But -- and this isn't something you'll hear...
A second-time mom shares her doubts about the nursing she did the first time around.


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