When New Mom Can't Breast-Feed, Dozens of Women Help Out

Credit: Getty Images
Eva van Dok Pinkley, a Brooklyn, N.Y., actress and magazine researcher can't breast-feed her newborn because she had a double mastectomy last year.
No matter. The London Daily Mail reports 25 women are pumping a...
Mothers rally around cancer survivor who can't breast-feed because of a double masectomy.

Case of Woman Breast-Feeding On Demand Overturned

Credit: Getty Images Breast-feeding has come with it's share of questions and concerns for years. Yes, we all know it's the ideal way to feed a newborn, but is it OK to do in public? How long should you breast-feed? What age should you...A Spanish woman's child was taken away because the woman engaged in "chaotic" breast-feeding.

Breast Milk Tied to Baby's Metabolism

Breast milk lowers blood insulin levels more so than formulas. Credit: Getty Images
If babies can't have breast milk, they need to drink something a lot like it.
The Kansas City Star reports French researchers have found a significa...
Formula should follow certain metabolic profile, say researchers.

Breast-Feeding Mentally Bonds Mothers to Infants, Study Finds

This can lead to spooky intuition. Credit: Getty Images Who needs a baby monitor when you have a mother's almost spooky intuition? MSNBC reports breast-feeding does more than nourish newborns. It may actually alter a woman's brain to...Breast-feeding may actually change mothers' brain chemistry.

City Bans Breast-Feeding Children Older Than 2 in Public

Councilors passed a law May 16 in an Atlanta suburb against public nudity, which includes breast-feeding anyone older than 2. Credit: Getty Images
Remember the song "A Town Without Pity"?
City council members in Forest Park, Ga., wa...
Councilors say law will nip a potential wave of public nudity in the bud.

Child a Brat? Maybe He Didn't Get Enough Breast Milk

Infants who get regular doses of mother's milk tend to be less bratty children. Credit: Getty Images
The next time someone is rude to you, just shrug it off and think, "Oh well, he probably didn't get enough breast milk."
Breast mil...
Kids surly if they don't get breast milk right from the tap.

Day Care Centers Cut Off Babies From Breast Milk

Watch a videos on weening your child from breast-feeding.
A lot of day care centers don't provide overnight refrigerated storage. Credit: Getty Images "No breast milk? What do you mean no breast milk? Come, Marjorie, we're leaving!" ...
If you want your baby to have breast milk, you might want to stay away from Cincinnati.

Did Veganism and Alternative Medicine Kill Breast-Fed Baby?

An 11-month-old baby's death in France was blamed on breast-feeding and the mother's vegan diet. Credit: Getty Images Despite the increasing popularity of natural remedies in soothing many ailments, it's a good idea for parents to stee...The case has attracted considerable attention in Europe.

Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Kids to Breast-Feed

Are you one of these people who find yourself ever-so creeped out by the sight of a woman breast-feeding her baby in public? Oh, you ain't see nothing yet. Picture a 7-year-old girl -- or boy, for that matter -- strapping on little flowe...
The folks at Berjuan Toys in Spain think their new Breast Milk Baby is a dandy way to teach children how to breast-feed an infant. After all, you don't want to start second grade without mastering that skill.

Small Doses of Vicodin OK for Breast-Feeding Moms, Study Says

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Breast-feeding pain may be eased by small doses of Vicodin, a new study shows. Credit: Getty Breast-feeding may be a healthy and economical way to feed and bond with your baby, but it also can be...
The strong painkiller Vicodin may be safe in smaller doses for women nursing newborns.

Does This Formula Make Me Look Fat? Breast-Feeding and Childhood Obesity

Breast-feeding is Weight Watchers for the stroller set. That's if you swallow the hype that breast-feeding "protects" babies in the battle of the bulge. True, studies have found lower rates of obesity among children who were breast-fed. Surgeo...Breast-feeding is Weight Watchers for the stroller set. That's if you swallow the hype that breast-feeding "protects" babies in the battle of the bulge.

Surgeon General Says Americans Should Be More Supportive of Breast-Feeding

Tonya Lewis Lee, wife of Spike Lee, is an advocate for breast-feeding. Credit: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
Add breast-feeding to fighting fat, quitting smoking and other advice from America's top doc.
And it's not just for new moms. ...
The surgeon general is calling on employers to encourage breast-feeding mothers.

HOTmilk Real Woman Model Search

Enter the HOTmilk model search contest and win a photo shoot for February 2011. Credit: HOTmilk HOTmilk, the company that sells fabulous lingerie for pregnant and nursing moms, has announced its "Real Woman Model Search," in a quest ...Pregnant? Nursing? You could be new face of maternity lingerie brand.

What to Do When Breast-Feeding Issues Arise

In the beginning, breast-feeding isn't easy for every mom. Credit: Getty Images Although it's not uncommon for women to initially have difficulty breast-feeding their babies, many new mothers are surprised by the issues that can occur....Use these tips to deal with breast-feeding problems.

Feeding Babies With Formula Could Put Kids at Risk for Obesity

A new study shows baby formula can lead to childhood obesity. Credit: Getty If you're planning on feeding your baby infant formula rather than breast milk, first, get ready for an ugly debate with other new moms and random people who...A new study warns that formula puts kids on a path of obesity.


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